HONG KONG – The Tokyo International Film Festival will unveil the premiere of “Pikmin Short Movies” an animated film from Nintendo.

The film was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, as part of a research project for the giant Japanese games company.

Miyamoto, the game developer known as the creator of “Mario,” “Donkey Kong” and “The Legend of Zelda,” will hold a presentation with Nobuo Kawakami, chairman of Dwango and producer-trainer at Studio Ghibli.

Pikmin game characters are midway between animal and plant life and first appeared in 2001. They most recently appeared on Wii U in 2013.

The film is a compilation of three shorts “The Night Juicer,” in which Captain Olimar makes his favorite juice; “Treasures in a Bottle,” in which Pikmin meet a strange treasure; and “Occupational Hazards,” an adventure at a construction site.

The Tokyo International Film Festival runs at Roppongi Hills and various venues around the city Oct. 23-31.