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Michael Egan, III, who has filed sexual abuse lawsuits against director Bryan Singer and three Hollywood execs, has dismissed his suit against TV exec Garth Ancier.

The motion was filed in federal court in Hawaii, where Egan had alleged that Ancier committed the abuse between August 1999 and October 1999 when Egan was 16.

We are pleased the case filed in Hawaii against Mr. Ancier has been dropped given it had no merit whatsoever,” said Ancier’s attorney Louise Ann Fernandez of Jeffer Mangels Butler and Mitchell LLP.

“Mr. Ancier was undeserving of the stain to his reputation caused by the plaintiff’s reckless complaint, which was grounded in lies,” she added. “We are equally confident that just as this case imploded when the facts became known, any further legal maneuvers or gimmicks will fail because unsupported statements, falsehoods and character smears have no place in any court.”

Ancier had filed a dismissal motion in May, similar to motion filed by “X-Men: Days of Future Past” director Bryan Singer, theme parks exec Gary Goddard and TV exec David Neuman.

Ancier said in the motion that he was not in Hawaii during that period, has never been to Hawaii with Egan, and has never been to the Paul Mitchell estate where the alleged assaults took place. The motion also named three other witnesses, including Ancier’s personal assistant Renate Radford, who have testified that Ancier never traveled to Hawaii during that period.

Ancier, like Singer, said the case should be dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction and cited Egan’s deposition in a separate 2000 sex abuse lawsuit filed against three executives of the Digital Entertainment Network. Ancier’s motion also noted that the suit was filed by Egan’s attorney Jeff Herman in Hawaii to take advantage of the state’s extension of the statute of limitations in sexual assault cases.

Egan’s case against Neuman was dropped earlier this month but then refiled.

Egan made four claims in each suit — intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery and invasion of privacy by unreasonable intrusion. Each of the suits — all filed in April — recounts in explicit detail the sexual acts that allegedly took place between Egan and each of the men.

Herman did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the dismissal of the Ancier suit.