With “Neighbors” topping $135 million at the U.S. box office this weekend, Seth Rogen admits he’s exploring a sequel with producing partners Evan Goldberg and James Weaver.

“We are having a lot of discussions,” the actor told an audience of about 400 in the opening panel at Saturday’s Produced By conference at the Warner Bros. lot.

In a wide ranging-discussion moderated by Producers Guild of America co-president Mark Gordon , Rogen stressed that he and his partners will continue specializing in low-budget R-rated comedies through their Point Grey production company.

Rogen asserted that — following a long series of studio notes — he cut the budget for “Neighbors”  in half  to $18 million to minimize interference by studio execs. “At least we didn’t make a movie we hate and had to work on for a year and a half,” he added.

Rogen also revealed that he’s attempting to pull together the “Jazz Cops” project, which would star himself  with Kevin Hart as two police officers trying to infiltrate the jazz scene during the 1950s.

Much of the discussion dealt with Rogen’s career as a producer, which began as a result of spending all his time in Judd Apatow’s office and becoming an associate producer on “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” “I told him make me a co-producer and I’ll be there every day,” he noted.

“Neighbors” is the third film from Point Grey following “50/50” and “This Is the End.”

“Getting a movie made is far harder than making a movie,” Rogen told the audience. “Getting the money is the hardest thing.”

Rogen recalled that he and Goldberg did not enjoy “The Green Hornet” — “We learned not to make $200 million movies” — and said he wants to keep focusing on comedies since moviemaking is such a lengthy process.

“It’s more fun working on stuff that makes me laugh all day,” he added.

He also urged first-time producers to use any means necessary — a camera phone and YouTube — to get their work noticed and to rely on their own experiences.

”’Superbad’ was about us being in high school, not getting laid,” Goldberg noted.