Two years after the creation of SAG-AFTRA, national executive director David White has reorganized the top staff of the performers union.

White made the disclosure at Saturday’s meeting of the SAG-AFTRA national board, with chief administrative officer Duncan Crabtree-Ireland becoming chief operating officer.

Assistant national executive director of news & broadcast Mary Cavallaro became chief broadcast officer; ANED of communications Pamela Greenwalt became chief communications and marketing officer; ANED of contracts Ray Rodriguez becomes chief contracts officer; executive director, human resources and administration Martha Holdridge became chief human resources officer; and executive director, information technology Daniel Inukai became chief information officer.

The following remain in their roles: Associate national executive director Mathis Dunn; chief economist David Viviano; chief financial officer Arianna Ozzanto;  executive producer of SAG Awards and national programming Kathy Connell; and senior advisor John McGuire.

Budget pressures have brought on a voluntary severance program in late 2012, followed by jobs cuts for about 60 SAG-AFTRA employees last spring along with closure of 10 of the union’s 25 offices. The moves left SAG-AFTRA with slightly over 500 employees.