Two days after SAG-AFTRA announced its first-ever code for ethics and conduct for managers, the National Conference of Personal Managers has said the voluntary agreement is DOA.

NCPOM president Clinton Ford Billups said the org’s survey showed 98% of respondents to the survey — sent to more than 1,200  personal managers — will not apply to sign on to the SAG-AFTRA Code.

“The remaining managers responded ‘maybe’ and only one responded that he would apply,” he said. “Based on that and the other results of the survey, it appears that the SAG-AFTRA Code is dead on arrival with the personal management community.”

SAG-AFTRA responded by saying NCOPM was invited to take part in the collaborative process of drafting this voluntary agreement and declined. It also brushed off the poll results.

“The flawed NCOPM push poll is not representative of the opinions and attitudes of the entire management community or the members of SAG-AFTRA,” it added. “The questions are suggestive and the results unreliable.”

Billups also said the SAG-AFTRA code is “moot” because NCOPM members must abide by the org’s own code of ethics.

“It certainly is a perceived, if not actual, conflict of interest for a personal manager to sign the union’s Code of Ethics,” he added. “Engaging in a contractual relationship with any entity that also has a contractual relationship with a manager’s client questions the objectivity of the manager.”

NCPOM said its members objected to a provision that at a personal manager “does not solicit and/or procure employment” — which the org is challenging at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit — and the provision that the union’s general counsel will have the final say over disputes.