The Russo Brothers are officially returning to Greendale.

Joe and Anthony Russo, who were behind one of the highest-grossing films of the year with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” will be directing the upcoming season six premiere of “Community” on Yahoo.

“We’re doing the first episode back, the first episode with Yahoo,” Joe Russo told EW.com. “There might be a little rebranding and a little repiloting going on.”

Between the two of them, the brothers have directed 33 episodes of the cult hit, which was recently resurrected for a new season by Yahoo after getting the ax at NBC.

The duo also discussed some of the challenges they’re facing while working on “Captain America 3

“You have to work really hard to deliver something different, and exciting and challenging,” Joe Russo told EW. “That’s what we’re in the middle of on ‘Cap 3’ right now, pushing really hard to make sure that what we deliver is something that’s gonna be different from ‘Captain America: the Winter Soldier.'”

However, he noted that the third installment won’t be as difference from the sequel as “Winter Soldier” was from “First Avenger.”

“We’re more grounded in the world of Winter Soldier than Winter Soldier was grounded in First Avenger,” he said. “The difference between First Avenger and Winter Soldier is that 70 years had elapsed between the two movies. Cap was waking up in a world that was a million miles away from the one he came from. That gave us a narrative motivation to push the he tonal and stylistic content of the world forward.”

“We don’t have that same time elapsed here. It’s the world Cap woke up in still, even though it’s several years later and some other significant events have happened. At the same time, we are pushing Cap to a place he hasn’t been before.”

“Captain America 3” hits theaters on May 6, 2016, while season six of “Community” premieres on Yahoo! Screen later this year.