Robert Downey Jr. to Join ‘Captain America 3’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Film to kick off the Civil War storyline from the comicbook miniseries

Robert Downey Jr. is on the verge of signing on to “Captain America 3,” with Tony Stark’s Iron Man set to play a key role in bringing the Civil War storyline from Marvel’s comicbooks to the bigscreen and trigger the start of a new phase of movies from Marvel Studios.

The actor is in final negotiations to play the billionaire in the yet-to-be-titled third installment, that is slated to begin production in the Spring for a May 6, 2016, release, according to sources close to the discussions. Downey suits up as the superhero in next summer’s “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” as part of a previous deal that also calls for him to reprise the role in “The Avengers 3.”

The new pact is significant for the Marvel cinematic universe considering the plot will pit Stark against Captain America’s alter-ego Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, as they feud over the Superhero Registration Act, which forces anyone with superhuman abilities to reveal their identities to the U.S. government and agree to act as a police force for the authorities.

Stark supports the program, but Rogers does not, saying it threatens civil liberties, causing sides to be taken and Rogers, among others, to go on the run to avoid arrest. The moral question and battle with his Avengers teammate essentially makes Stark a villain of sorts in “Captain America 3,” providing Downey with a meaty role he could play out into future Marvel films, including a fourth “Avengers.”

Marvel on Monday announced plans to reboot the Civil War comicbook miniseries in 2015, which will help introduce the story to new readers leading up to “Captain America 3.” The first crossover of Marvel’s biggest characters, including Spider-Man, was published in 2006.

But the deal for Downey to return as Iron Man almost didn’t happen.

Originally, Marvel wanted to hire Downey for a small role, which would have required just three weeks of work. But Downey wanted Stark to have a more substantial role in the film’s plot, which would give him more screen time and naturally a bigger payday. This angered Marvel Entertainment chief Ike Perlmutter, who ordered the screenwriters to write Iron Man out of the script entirely, sources said.

Even though the deal appeared dead, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Downey’s reps at CAA continued talks in hopes of working out their issues. Feige was bent on executing his grand vision for extending the life of the Marvel characters over many years.

The executive needed his boss to see the big picture, considering the introduction of the Civil War story is seen as a way to drive the plots of sequels and new franchises for the next seven years, given the dramatic possibilities it offers for future films. The fallout from the government and Stark’s actions would factor into a new “Avengers 4” film and beyond that will assemble new characters being introduced like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, among others, in their own movies.

Downey, who earned $50 million for “The Avengers” and a reported $75 million for “Iron Man 3,” will collect around $40 million plus backend participation for “Captain America 3,” said sources, and will receive an additional payout if “Captain America 3” outperforms “Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s” $714 million worldwide haul. Since the actor did not appear in the first two “Captain America” films, the thinking is that if the third installment surpasses the last movie, its success could be attributed to Downey.It’s also worth noting that Evans is clearly a bigger star now, evidenced by the fact that “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” grossed nearly twice as much as “The First Avenger’s”” $371 million in 2011.

Marvel still could have worked around Downey if need be. With the studio having already reworked plots from the comicbooks to fit its bigscreen agenda, it’s certainly feasible that Stark could have been turned into a different character to butt heads with Captain America — the Incredible Hulk’s Bruce Banner, for example. Another option could have been dropping the Civil War plot entirely, which would have required major rewrites.

Downey already has been open about wanting to remain in Marvel’s cinematic universe beyond his current contract that expires after the third “Avengers.” In early September,  Downey told Variety in Toronto that currently “there is no plan for a fourth ‘Iron Man.'”

Yet Downey also has been wanting to play a larger role in future films as a way to remain creatively involved and close to his fanbase that would undoubtedly come out to see his non-Marvel movies.  However, those fans didn’t show up in droves this past weekend to the actor’s latest picture “The Judge,” which debuted with just $13.3 million.

As for the future of Marvel movies, the Disney-owned studio already has 11 releases  dated through 2019, including next summer’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Ant-Man.”

Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” will return to helm “Captain America 3.” The brothers are working on the script with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

While Frank Grillo is expected to return as the villain Crossbones, Anthony Russo told last month, “I can’t divulge who is going to be in the film, but I think fans are going to freak out when they hear about it,” clearly hinting at Downey being in the next sequel.

While Downey was instrumental in getting Marvel’s film franchises off the ground with the first “Iron Man” in 2008, the studio has since become a brand strong enough to launch titles that have little built-in audience awareness or major stars doing the heavy lifting — as evidenced by this summer’s mega-hit “Guardians of the Galaxy.” That film earned $687 million worldwide, surpassing “Iron Man 2.”

Marvel has long been known as a tough negotiator — and by some accounts cheap — but the studio hasn’t shied away from giving Downey what he’s asked for in the past. He’s reaped between $250 million and $300 million for the “Iron Man” trilogy, his role in “The Avengers” films, and a brief appearance in “The Incredible Hulk,” according to knowledgeable sources.

Now with “Captain America 3,” it doesn’t look like Downey is ready to hang up Iron Man’s suit anytime soon.

Marvel and CAA declined to comment.

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  1. lagupedia says:

    waw amazing, Yet Downey also has been wanting to play a larger role in future films as a way to remain creatively involved and close to his fanbase that would undoubtedly come out to see his non-Marvel movies. However, those fans didn’t show up in droves this past weekend to the actor’s latest picture.

  2. The sequel will be based on the Civil War plot from the books, which pits Iron Man against Captain America.

  3. delonariel says:

    Ugh. RDJ really needs to GTFO. I was looking forward to a Cap movie, not an ensemble with Iron Man and Spiderman.

  4. Nic says:

    Won’t that become Avengers all over again?

  5. Fred says:

    Captain America Rocks!

  6. Obv823 says:

    I have to wonder when people will start get sick of superhero movies. Marvel Studios seem to be filling the audience niche vacated by Pixar but with a much greater volume of movies over a short period of time. It only gets bigger from here if they last as long as that studio.

  7. 98degreefourver says:

    1634 favorites? How many people actually buy and read Marvel Comics today. Sad really, the movies are driving their entire business. Hide behind the iron mask and the Mouse. But nothing lasts forever.

  8. Jim says:

    I’ll believe it when I hear it from someone official at Marvel. This story came completely out of left field and has literally no description of any sources. It all seems highly speculative. Just last week, everyone was claiming that Downey Jr. had “confirmed” that Iron Man 4 is happening because he made some offhand joke in an interview. Then, just days later, it was reported that he was going to be in an Avengers 4 without any of the other Avengers (not even sure why that would be called an “Avengers” film).

  9. Crystal says:

    Give the man what he wants. He’s an incredible iron man and I love him in the franchise.

  10. Andy Derksen says:

    This must be why Marvel is now negotiating with Sony in re. to the rights to Spider-Man: they apparently want to include him in the ‘Civil War’ film series.

  11. Chad says:

    But Sony still owns Spiderman. Civil War is amazing but Iron Spider (Iron Man builds a suit for Spiderman as a bribe of sorts) is an integral, and just plain awesome, part of the storyline. I really can’t see it being as cool without him.

    • It is NOT integral to Civil War. Like you said, it was AWESOME, but the only people who are required for Civil Way is Cap and Iron Man.

      • 98degreefourver says:

        And Mephisto. Oops they don’t have the rights. But I guess this cancels everything out with the Spider-Man rights issue is now a Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer rights issue as well.

      • Steven B says:

        what is integral is secret identities, whom no one in the MCU has. Captain and ironman have fought is many different storylines and I doubt they will do civil war. Now a team up movie is for sure a good possibility. But just because the comic got rebooted doesn’t mean they are going to follow civil war. Secret war makes more sense, and that was also announced to get rebooted for the comics too. There will be a team up with cap/ironman I think but I don’t think it will be civil war. They will still fight prolly, then team up.

  12. Billy says:

    Having read the Comics. I feel a little sad that they are going to take the movie into the Civil War route! I think it will spoil the movie franchise. Imagine the fans going to see the movies to watch there Favourite characters. Kids will be upset with the outcome! Civil war will ruin the franchise for me! I’m not going to lie. I am a Captain America Fan. I also hate how RDJ is demanding all this money. Bog off please.

    • Billy says:

      Please Don’t go this route

      • Steven B says:

        It will just be a team up movie. They won’t go the civil war route. If they do it won’t be anything like the comics since that doesn’t translate to whats happening in the MCU movies. They don’t have any secret identities nor will they kill of captain so soon. There’s plenty of history of cap/ironman working together and butting heads. Secret wars is more likely since that leads to thanos.

  13. Andy Oates says:

    Is this even nearly confirmed? There’s no source, information seems to just be speculation, and you say yourself Marvel Studios declined to comment. News of a Civil War movie is spreading like wildfire yet nobody seems to actually use any facts to support their claims.

  14. Jacques Strappe says:

    Whenever anything is written about the Marvel or DC comic universes, it is an absolute guarantee that the comments section will be filled with a whole lotta crazy claims and accusations, along with a hefty amount of fawning and swooning. It used to just a bunch of little boys and their treasured comic books..

  15. AdrFax says:

    I don’t know what to say. Honestly, instead of all this ‘slap RDJ on every movie and you’ll make BILLIONS’ nonsense, why don’t they think outside the box and try to bring the Red Skull back?

    • Whatever says:

      That’s thinking outside the box? Haven’t they run the Hydra storyline now to death with Agents of Shield and omg from outta left field SHIELD is Hydra so run Cap run? I think they have, and I hope they let it go for awhile in the movies. Personally I am happy with this development because Iron Man and Cap are my favorite superheroes. Loved them in the comics, and the chance to have them in a movie together like how there was a Captain America and Iron Man set of comics without the other Avengers, is great!

  16. Kolos Kiss says:

    Just read the Civil War comics last week (the most imprtant series of Marvel are coming out biweekly in Slovakia and Czech Rep.) As if they have known about this info is about to coming out now. :)
    Btw. I liked the story. It can be a great movie.
    Spoiler alert!
    Wonder if the half cloned half cybernetic Thor will apear in the movie :P

  17. bebel says:

    I somehow suspected that the guy just won’t quit doing it, despite claiming being old for this and not wanting a big role. He was good enough helping the superhero stuff going but now it could go without him, over the years the studios managed to brainwash the viewers enough so his charismatic character doesn’t count as much as it did in the past. The flop of his courtroom drama probably made him sign a new contract with the money guys, shame on him and of course shame on all the people who watch these and who write about them. These are not films and these aren’t actors. I don’t know what else though. I sincerely hope global warming puts an end to the superhero genre.

  18. Sam says:

    One of the worst (arguably THE worst) Marvel storylines ever is going for a comic book reboot and is the next phase of Marvels movie franchise? Are these people crazy? An evil Ironman. An out of control government. The bad guys win. The murder of Captain America (the one hero that embodies the best of everything America stands for). This is the story you want brought back?

    • nerdrage says:

      They could (and should) alter anything from the comics that won’t work on the big screen. I wouldn’t expect Tony Stark to be a real villain but an anti-hero with an understandable point of view seems like a logical evolution for his character. Can’t keep doing the same schtick forever.

      And I fully expect Cap to die or at least “die” sooner or later. Bucky needs to don the shield for at least a while…

  19. Mexen says:

    *Indifferent look on face*

  20. zzz says:

    ironman has his own damn movies???

  21. nickbarrett says:

    Reblogged this on Nick Barrett and commented:
    Interesting developments…

  22. Dude says:

    I wish magazines would stop reporting how much an actor supposedly makes, because people who don’t understand the industry dont know that what they made gross doesn’t see their pockets. 60-75% gets taken off the top by agents, managers, publicists, SAG loyalties, taxes, assistants, and if they have multiple agents (which any big star does) they get paid regardless if they helped you get the job or not. So if Downey gets paid 40 million, 15 million is all his pocket will see.

  23. samblanch says:

    I think some people are perhaps looking at this slightly wrong. The film won’t be an adaptation of the Civil War comic storyline, but rather, something that changes and sets up a new status quo for the forthcoming marvel phases.

    For example, by the time this airs we should have a good two dozen supers active in the MCU
    The six Avengers from the first film
    Rhodey/War Machine
    Scarlet Witch
    Bucky/Winter Soldier
    The four Defenders
    Ant Man and(presumably) Wasp

    And then it depends how much further you take the arc – do you include Sif, Warriors Three? Loki? Other Asgardians? Is Spiderman coming in to this universe – if so, there’s all of his villains too. There’s the potential for plenty more characters to be introduced through the Defenders’ series that we don’t know about and of course do Guardians and Agents of SHIELD characters get brought in too? Would characters like Abomination and Crossbones play a part; Red Skull is still out there.

    As you can see there’s already plenty of characters out there. And yes, many are very well known to the public by their alter ego’s, but that doesn’t mean the Registration Act couldn’t still come in to play. Looking forward, it could mean that every hero we next meet – Dr Strange, Black Panther, Ms Marvel etc – is considered an outlaw as soon as they become superheros, if they don’t register. Of course, there is also the rumour about “no more origin stories” which could have an interesting effect. Don’t assume this will be all of the arc in one film, and don’t assume it can’t be pulled off tremendously well.

  24. anon says:

    mutant registration act 2.0 – X3..I’m with Steve Rogers on this, ”that isn’t freedom, it’s fear” . Forcing anyone to do anything is against the fundamental right of every free willed human being. So Stark – you ought to take another vacation in a cave and think your priorities over,one more time !

  25. A little bummed Variety – known as reliable, respectable source – puts this out there when there’s still final negotiations. That seems more like a “scoop” Latino Review and friends would put out there.

  26. karadin says:

    I suspect that none of this is correct, they already have the script concepts for Cap3 and it’s carrying on the Winter Soldier storyline. Civil War as a movie concept only works when characters have been established – because Steve and Tony have been friends for a decade at that point.

  27. john fairchild says:

    This entire article sounds so ridiculously made up, probably because it is. Absolutely zero proof. It’s not even on Marvel’s website, nice try troll.

  28. Cap London says:

    I’m not happy to hear this. I hope it’s not true. Cap 2 was a great movie and did very well without RDjr. The focus needs to remain on Cap America firstly, then the Falcon, Black Widow and the Winter Soldier. Trust RDjr wanting to be in on the action. How much money does this man need. Cap 3 does not need to be crowded with superheros, leave that to the Avengers.

    • AdrFax says:

      I totally agree with you. Not only was he made the top avenger instead of Cap for no reason (other than the producers going ‘Hey, it’s RDJ! Without him there’s no franchise!’) but at this point, he’s already closed a trilogy, and has stolen the spotlight on two Avengers films now. For a “superhero” that describes himself as a ‘man in a can’ compared to a supersoldier or a god, Marvel make a lot of fuzz about Iron Man. Why dillute the idea of a Cap movie unwisely by adding other Avengers?

      If Marvel wants to make a movie with Cap and Iron Man it’s fine, as long as it’s a separate entity instead of shoehorning him in Cap 3 when he’s already got his own franchise. I’m starting to think that RDJ’s becoming more and more creatively manipulative, not far from reaching Edward Norton levels. The MCU is treating Iron Man with the same worshippy vibe Wolverine has in the X-Men films, when neither character is *the* most complex or noteworthy in either franchise.

  29. SketchySketch says:

    How the hell can something like this be posted? Isn’t Variety supposed to be a real news publication? Bottom line, this entire poor excuse of zero journalistic integrity is 100% speculation mixed with a sprinkle of flat out untruths. The only thing that made me laugh harder than this joke of an “exclusive” article was when I scrolled back to the top and saw its author Marc Graser was a senior editor. Wow!

    I don’t doubt for a second RDJ will sign on for more Marvel movies. His recent comments on the talk show circuit have revealed at least that much. But how would this guy or his second party “sources” (which if you ask me is less a real source and more him scrolling through fanboy message boards looking for “news”) know such fine details of Kevin Feige or RDJ’s plans? Was he in their meetings? No. It’s pure speculation. He doesn’t know Marvel’s MCU timeline any more than the rest of us do based on what’s actually been publicly stated by Marvel themselves. And he sure doesn’t know specific details of what RDJ’s payday is gonna be. How could he? He hasn’t even signed a deal yet. What nonsense!

    I also don’t doubt Civil War will one day make its way into the MCU. But by what merit does he think that’s even close to being the case or confirmed? Based on what? Why would Marvel do Civil War so early in its MCU timeline when it needs more of a build and characters? Especially when you consider everything being built since Avengers is leading to Thanos and the Infinity story lines. And even if they were gonna jump the gun on big screen Civil War, do you really think they would do it randomly in Cap 3? Not in a future Avengers film or even a standalone one for the event itself?

    As far as Marvel Comics announcing they are rebooting or doing a second edition of Civil War in print next summer… totally false. All they released was the Cap/Iron Man/Spidey pic (where they’re all in their circa Civil War 2006 costumes) in a tweet with the date. Nobody announced a reboot or follow up at all. If anything the image is probably a teaser of some kind of fallout one shot from the new Secret Wars where Marvel’s comic division appears to be rebranding their timeline and dimensional status.

    Shame on Variety for allowing this rumour mill, pot stirring, ill informed “exclusive news” article to be posted on their site. Maybe if I go on enough message boards and state my fanboy wish list, I can become a “senior editor” too!

  30. C. Danvers says:

    Ok i’m really skeptical of this article. First of all you cite 0 sources, but say you got this from Marvel and the CAA, but then say they declined to comment. OK????
    Second of all Marvel hasn’t said anything to this effect. Russo brothers have already said before this that the script for Cap 3 was already written, and that Civil War is highly unlikely. It also seems like you guys are really milking this story considering your top 3 right now. This seems to be based on random insider speculation. Even if it was true, RDJ hasn’t officially signed on yet and there’s been no word from him either. This article also came out very suspiciously just a few hours after Marvel announced a revamped civil war comics for summer of 2015. It seems like you are taking speculation and running with it, which is something this site has done before, considering it also announced production for a Black Widow movie, which has never been confirmed by Marvel either.

  31. RHMS says:

    Will not see if Gwyneth Paltrow is in it.

  32. Nick says:

    o god there is no way in hell they can make civil war…

  33. 5te says:

    Is the Civil War stuff in the movies in this article just speculation? There really is no need for a registration act, there aren’t any secret identities at the minute. The characters that they’ve announced that will be introduced and may have a secret identity still don’t make the numbers. The Tony of the movies also doesn’t seem the type to side with the government, in the comics he flirted with politics for years before any of this went down, but in the movies he just likes to mess with them.
    This all seems really rushed and kind of stupid.

    I could envision just a straight up VS movie but then it’s like they’re just trying to step on DC/WB’s toes.
    And I can see no motivation for a real fight besides the already used mind control plot device.

    • The secret identity aspect of Civil War in the comics was only one aspect of the Superhero Registration Act, and it wasn’t even the most severe or compelling. The loss of rights, the loss of freedom to do what you want to do, in America, was the primary issue of the story. And it sounds like it still will be in the movie.

      Also, it’s an axiom that people will thumb their collective noses at government/authority. Until, of course, that same person IS the person who has all the authority. Then…………it’s so bad and actually a good idea, to them, as long as they have all the control.

  34. bashibazok says:

    So at end of said article, you found yourself in some strangers panties instead?

  35. Marvel are stupid. Just pay RDJ whatever he wants.

  36. harry georgatos says:

    Downey Jnr has a putrid ego that permeates his performances and is time to get a replacement in his IRON MAN character. That putrid sense can be smelt in his SHERLOCK HOLMES movies in IRON MAN 3 and his latest film THE JUDGE.

    • Whatever says:

      Yeah so putrid his IM3 movie made one and a half billion dollars (more than even the Titanic from the time it released to now), and his Sherlock movie got him a Golden Globe. Get a life bro, stop bitching. If you hate him so much why are you reading this article about him?

  37. Mikey d says:

    Does rdj really require that much money? Can he just stop being a baby. He can seriously live his whole life, spend a grand a day, and never come close to spending all the money he has.

    Just do the movies for free.
    I dislike RDJ now, a lot more than before.

    • Denis says:

      RDJ has been making money only since IM2 and half of his paycheck goes to agents, managers, tax and whatever. He isn’t nowhere as loaded as Cruise, Depp or Smith. I don’t blame him for taking the paycheck, who wouldn’t. His movies made Marvel the most BO money, so he deserves it. Besides CA3 goes toe to toe with DC’s BvS in May 2016. Evans and another ensemble cast just isn’t interesting enough for that competition.
      Smart move to distract from the Judge misfire, though!

      • karadin says:

        how is the Judge a misfire? It’s his first film with his own production company, it’s basically an indie picture and came in the top five. Geez.

      • karadin says:

        Marvel Studios has the biggest movie franchise in history with Avengers, they can afford Downey. People will buy tickets to his films, it’s a no brainer.

    • You dislike him because he won’t do the movies for free? Do you read what you type before you hit “submit”?

    • Random Fellow says:

      Its what everyone wants. Do you want him to be in more Marvel movies? If the answer is yes and the only way he will do it is if he gets paid. Then you to want him to be paid.

    • CorinthianPony says:

      Yes, RDJ should do all his movies for free! And so should every other actor! And fire the agents, those useless thugs. And wait, why not have EVERYBODY who works on the movie just donate their time and talent?

      • Dude says:

        Lol because nobody who works deserves yo be paid for what they do! Especially not what they deserve and demand based on caliber of talent, star power, and awards won/nominated for. Shame on you RDJ for taking a raise, because its not like they exist for anyone else in the world when they put in the time and earn it. You’re the only one! (I mean seriously some people on this site are delusional and need to shut up about shit they know nothing about)

      • Thomas Dillon says:

        Well said. And the customers should be able to use Google to get the movies for free too. Oh, wait a minute…

  38. Jodeo says:

    Is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. about to just get real interesting now??? In the MCM, apart from GOTG we know Thor is Thor, Stark is Iron Man, Rogers is Cap. Not everyone knows about Banner, Black Widow, or Hawkeye. Spiderman is with Sony, but the recent talk all makes more sense with his role in the the context of Civil Wars. Which brings us to this:

    MARVEL still has the television rights to SPIDER MAN.

    Even if they don’t go there, there are other Marvel Heroes (the Netflix Four, anyone?) who have yet to be developed for the movies and could find there way into AoS before Cap 3, thus raising the stakes a bit for the Super Hero Act to Register Them (aka “ObamaSHART”? Ha. Sorry.). So go for it, Marvel: It’s time to take the gloves off SHIELD here and tie it back together…

  39. cadavra says:

    So Captain America’s fighting for the Union and Iron Man for the Confederacy?

  40. oh well write him out then. greedy actors dont even care bout the roles they just want even more millions. bunch of sick overpriced egomaniacs.

  41. CorinthianPony says:

    SO HAPPY if RDJ is coming back — but I expect HUGE modifications to the Civil War storyline. They CANNOT do it as written in the comics. These superheroes that little kids all over the world idolize, locked in mortal combat over a political issue? I know superhero vs. superhero is an old comic-book trope (who can beat who)…but Civil War is a very intense, graphic, SAD storyline that ends in death, and for a franchise that started out bright and upbeat, that would be a huge change that some movie fans would not enjoy. The joy of the Avengers is their friendship and the “family” they have forged – pitting them against one another to the death is not what fans expect. I always looked at Civil War as kind of an alternate universe to the “real” Avengers universe. HMM. But – if it brings RDJ back to the fold for several more movies, I’m all for it.

  42. Ben says:

    You cannot say he is joining cap 3, he hasn’t signed on yet. Every headline I’ve read about this “RDJ joins cap 3”, the article is completely different. It says he’s in final negotiations. Which does not mean confirmed to be in this movie whatsoever. There is such a lack of journalism.

  43. Lisa says:

    Sounds like the moral of this story line could be, when something works for you don’t mess with it.

  44. Adam says:

    This is all speculation. Marvel never confirmed this, at all.

  45. Rachel says:

    This sounds like the plot for a poorly-thought out fanfiction. Tony – the guy who rebels at any notion of authority, who routinely says F-you to the Government, who sees imposed restrictions as challenges to overcome, and who hates working for anyone but himself – is in full support of the Government imposing restrictions on superheroes and forcefully employing them? Come on.

    Steve rebelling against the Government because they’re pushing an agenda that betrays civil liberties I can believe – the man has a history of blatantly ignoring authority when necessary – but for Tony to just fall in line and support this whole idea? Completely out of character.

    And are we all just going to ignore the Bucky-issue? Because I don’t see any mention of him in this, and he’s – you know. Just SLIGHTLY important in the whole Captain America storyline.

    I hope this article isn’t accurate. Marvel can do (and has done) better than this.

  46. James Smith says:

    This would be a HUGE mistake on their part. Civil War was a huge mess and not to mention, Spider-Man is part of Sony. The X-Men and ALL mutants belong to FOX. Who also have the Fantastic Four.

    • Sam says:

      I agree. Huge mistake. Civil War is one of the worst storylines Marvel ever created. Evil wins in the end for goodness sakes. I hope this article is incorrect.

    • viki says:

      Civil War is definitely not a mess (in comics). It is an terrific storyline, with all the superheroes going through some intense emotions and ideological conflicts. It showed them in a much more human light. However, it requires a LOT of character building which the movies has not sufficiently (and quite understandably) provided yet. So, while the storyline is quite good, I am not sure how it will work in big screen. If it does work, I will be very excited for the movie(s), since it is definitely not possible to cover it in a single movie.

      • hornacek says:

        Sorry but Civil War was a huge mess. Characters were written hugely out of character. The so-called heroes in this story (a) built a gulag in the Negative Zone where they locked up both heroes and villains with no trial or due process, and (b) created a clone of Thor which ended up killing Goliath and there were no consequences for their actions.

        Besides, the whole thing was an agenda by Quesada; its sole purpose was to undo Spidey’s marriage, and it turned Tony Stark into (at the time) the biggest Spidey villain ever.

  47. Keith says:

    has Civil War been confirmed? Because the films are hardly going in that direction. Not to mention doing Civil War with such a small cast would be terrible. I’ll believe this when I see it, I expect the story to turn towards Thanos, not Civil War

  48. Robert Downey Jr. What an ego. Shame on Marvel for enabling it.

  49. M Hirth says:

    Can I play a roll for just 50,000 as an extra?

  50. Living the Geek Life says:

    Reblogged this on Living the Geek Life and commented:
    Handled right, Civil War could be a great direction to take the MCU!

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