MUMBAI – Rentrak, the box office measuring agency, is close to launching coverage of the Indian theatrical market.

The company has begun collecting data from a small number of multiplexes and single screen cinemas and plans to quickly scale up the number of collection points.

When the sample has grown to a greater scale it expects to begin providing India data in conventional formats familiar in other markets.

Local feedback will then determine whether the company also attempts to provide data analysis in other formats that are specific to the Indian market.

We cover 35 countries currently and want to get India to the same level,” said Jim Zak, Rentrak senior VP. “We are just starting to collect data now in India. We can soon begin to provide data, but it may not satisfy this market.”

Although movie mad India is one of the world largest theatrical territories, measurement and box office publishing are made complicated by a multiplicity of languages, regions, tax rates and varied licensing terms. As a result India has many unique ways of presenting B.O. data. Different information sources publish gross or net data, while others publish cinema usage and even seat occupancy terms.

The company previously announced that it would partner with local firm Majestic Market Research to launch in India. That arrangement has since ended and Rentrak is now intent on handling primary data collections through its own resources, and has hired Rajkumar Akella as managing director, India.

The country had gross box office of $1.54 billion in 2013 according to KPMG. Its total commercial screen count is in the order of 9,000, although sources differ significantly.