Paramount’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is the latest to get the super ticket treatment, thanks to Regal Entertainment.

The theater exhibitor is offering moviegoers the option to pay $15 (in addition to the price of admission) to get a super ticket that includes two digital HD “Transformers” movies. Guests pick their choice of any of the first three “Transformers” movies, plus the digital HD copy of “Age of Extinction” prior to its Blu-ray release.

“The Super Ticket is changing the way our guests experience a movie and it’s a must-have for ardent fans,” said Ken Thewes, chief marketing officer for Regal Entertainment Group. “The moviegoing experience now doesn’t end when you leave our theatres.”

Regal is offering the super ticket at the box office as well as REGmovies.com, Fandango.com and the Fandango and Regal mobile apps. Moviegowers can choose to upgrade to a super ticket before or after seeing the movie.

Once purchasing the super ticket, the guest will receive a voucher containing an access code, which can be redeemed for the digital version of “Age of Extinction” when it becomes available and the older “Transformers” film immediately.

The offer ends July 10.

Paramount’s “Anchorman 2” also recently offered a super ticket when it was released last December. The $33 offer allowed fans to see the “Anchorman” sequel in select AMC theaters two days before its official release and included downloads of the original “Anchorman” movie, a “lost movie” and a pre-order for “Anchorman 2.”

Michael Bay directed “Age of Extinction,” with Mark Wahlberg starring. It hits theaters June 27.