Uber-film fan Quentin Tarantino said that he plans to take over as programmer at his New Beverly Cinema on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles, the repertory theater he’s owned since its founder, Sherman Torgan, died in 2007.

The “Pulp Fiction” helmer told the L.A. Weekly he plans to emphasize 35mm films and use the New Beverly to create a bastion for films shown on celluloid film. Tarantino added that he plans to screen films from his own personal collection of 35mm films, which includes all three Sergio Leone Westerns starring Clint Eastwood. The theater will also get some upgrades, including six-track stereo sound and a 16mm projector, as Tarantino’s collection also includes a number of 16mm reels as well as films that use the six-track sound.

He promised that the revival and second-run theater won’t simply turn into a grindhouse, as he intends to maintain the theater’s themed double feature format for all different types of films. Tarantino fans who want to see his work in the 35mm format are in luck as well, as every Friday midnight showing will feature one of his films.

Tarantino takes over the programming role from Michael Torgan, the founder’s son, whose ongoing role at the theater is still to be determined. L.A. cinephiles have been concerned about the theater’s direction since it was recently announced that Torgan would step aside, fearing that the theater’s signature mix of rare titles could be diluted.

The filmmaker, who is next directing “The Hateful Eight,” said he would program the first three months, and then work with other programmers.