Pollak, De Lancie, Jones Board AG Studios ‘Mind Puppets’ Cast (EXCLUSIVE)

Bianco, Franzese, Brochtrup, Axelrod also confirmed for Big Easy shoot

Kevin Pollack Misery Loves Comedy
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Kevin Pollak (“Usual Suspects,” “Casino”), John de Lancie (“Gamer”) and Vinnie Jones (“Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”) are among the ensemble cast of AG Studios’ soon-to-shoot comedy “Mind Puppets,” which also includes Esme Bianco (“Game of Thrones), Dan Franzese (“I Spit on Your Grave”), Bill Brochtrup (“NYPD Blue”) and Jack Axelrod (“J. Edgar”).

Itaca Films, the expanding production arm of AG Studios that is now based out of Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and New Orleans, is producing in co-production with Mexico-Miami’s On Fire Communication.

The feature film debut of Juan Curi, who has almost 20 years experience of writing and helming high-end commercials, “Mind Puppets” will go into production at the end of the month, via Itaca Films New Orleans.

Curi and casting director Rick Pagano have still to cast a few roles.

Producer Alex Garcia said: “This will be one of the most hilarious comedies I have made, and I’m really excited with the cast. I have great faith in our director’s talent for comedy: You can clearly see through his previous work that he dominates the timing for this genre, and his sensitivity with actors will make this film one to remember.”

“If you change your mind you will change your reality,” Curi said of “Mind Puppets,” a comedy where in a public act of hypnosis, the Great Master, whose act consists in giving audience members completely contrasting personalities, falls unconscious on stage.

His daughter, Sophie, along with Alex, a paramedic, begin a mission to rescue the five victims stuck under a permanent state of mind control, in a journey speckled with love, laughs and madness. Among the hypnotized: a kid trapped in an adult’s body, a prophet, a pregnant woman, who is really a man, and a gorgeous woman in a constant drunken state.

“Mind Puppets” is to be produced by Garcia and Santiago Garcia Galvan, head of Itaca Films.

Recent AG Studios productions include “Refugio,” actor Demian Bichir’s directorial debut; the Paul Schrader-scripted “The Jesuit”; and “Desierto,” starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which is helmed by “Gravity” co-scribe Jonas Cuaron.