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Alcon Entertainment has lined up over a dozen prominent athletes from the world of extreme sports for its reboot of “Point Break.”

The action-thriller, starring Edgar Ramirez (pictured above) and Luke Bracey, begins shooting June 26 with production set for Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, French Polynesia, and India. Ramirez came on board last week as a replacement for Gerard Butler in the part of Bodhi, the leader of a gang of robbers.

Surfers cast include Makua Rothman, 2007 O’Neill World Cup Winner; Billy Kemper and, Ahanu Tson-Dru, both nominated for the 2014 Billabong XXL Ride of the Year Award; and Brian Keaulana, who recently won the Big Board Surfing Classic.

Snowboarders include Lucas DeBari, who received the Rookie of the Year Award in Transworld Magazine Rider’s Poll in 2008; Ralph Backstrom, 2013 winner of the Freeride World Tour;  Mitch Toelderer, winner of the 2011 Freeride World Tour;  snowboard pioneer Mike Basich and Xavier De La Rue, 3-time winner of the Freeride World Tour.

Motorcyclists include Riley Harper and Oakley Lehman, who was often Paul Walker’s stunt double.

Wingsuit stunt pilots are Jeb Corliss, original host of the Discovery Channel series Stunt Junkies who also arrested for trying to jump off the Empire State Building; Jon Devore, who has logged over 17,000 skydives and 500 base jumps; Julian Boulle, winner of the inaugural World Wingsuit League Championship; Noah Bahnson, who came in second after Boulle; and Michael Swanson, winner of three world championships.

Chris Sharma, described in 2007 as “the world’s best rock climber” by NPR, is also on board.

Ericson Core is directing Kurt Wimmer’s screenplay. Ramirez plays the part portrayed by Patrick Swayze in the original while Bracey will portray Johnny Utah, originally acted by Keanu Reeves.