The first pic shot entirely on cell phones in Chile and most likely in Latin America, is set to debut March 13 in Chile.

Drama “09” is the directorial debut of Javier Aguirrezabal, who co-penned the script with producer/TV host Martin Carcamo, an associate producer on the film “Gloria,” which was Chile’s entry into the 2013 foreign language Oscar race.

Fabula, the shingle behind Oscar-nommed “No” as well as “Gloria,” is an associate producer in the suspense thriller.

Made for just $150,000 on three cell phones, “09” shows the varying points of view of three college girls, who take jobs over the summer holiday in a vacation house. But their break turns into a nightmare as they shut themselves in after a couple has been murdered a few blocks away.

Pic stars Juanita Ringeling, Isidora Cabezon and Catalina Gonzalez, who simultaneously filmed their versions of the same events. Pic also features Catalina Saavedra (“The Maid”).

“There was little room for improvisation,” said Carcamo, who said that the timing was carefully choreographed to get the beats right. “We used special mics to improve the sound,” he added. Most of the budget was allotted to transferring footage to film and other expenses in post.