LONDON – Oliver Stone would like to make a film about Russian president Vladimir Putin, he has said during a visit to Moscow.

Stone was in Russia to prep his film about former U.S. intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, which will star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

“I would interview (Putin) to show the point of view that Americans don’t want to hear about,” Stone told RIA-Novosti news agency.

“I would like to make a documentary about him.”

Stone met Putin this week after an event at a Moscow theater.

Stone has also met Snowden to discuss the film about the NSA whistleblower, which is partly based on “Time of the Octopus,” the book written by Snowden’s Russian lawyer Anatoliy Kucherena.

Speaking about the film, Stone said: “We are working on the screenplay of the film. We hope to begin shooting at the beginning of next year, since we have been working on the screenplay for almost a year and we are very happy that everything is working out.”

Kucherena told the AFP news agency that he and Stone are fine tuning the screenplay now. “I think it turned out really well,” he said.

Snowden had been consulted on the choice of actor to play him, Kucherena said. “I discussed (Gordon-Levitt) with Snowden, and he said it is up to the screenwriter and director.”

He added: “He is not against (the movie), who would be against a movie about themselves?”

Kucherena also discussed his relationship with Stone.

“We have a trusting relationship,” Kucherena said. “At first we were suspicious of each other.”

Open Road has picked up U.S. rights to the Snowden pic, with Wild Bunch taking international rights.