‘Nymphomaniac: Part 1’ Premieres at Sundance Secret Screening

nymphomaniac Charlotte Gainsbourg naked

Lar Von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac: Part 1” was revealed to be the secret screening feature that premiered at Sundance on Tuesday night at the Egyptian Theater.

Guessing the film’s identity had become a popular game in Park City on a day that saw many festgoers heading home.

Fest director John Cooper confirmed the film just before the screening.

Rumors leaked early, correctly it turned out, that it was “Nymphomaniac.” But the film’s distributor Magnolia wouldn’t confirm them. The film’s identity was so closely guarded that even the ushers didn’t know.

Some astute audience members basically figured it out. The festival’s program said the mystery film would run 117 minutes, which turned out to be the exact duration of “Nymphomaniac: Part 1.”

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Another clue: a sign outside the theater read, “I.D. required must be 18 or over to attend this film.” “Nymphomanic,” which is unrated, features graphic sex scenes unsuitable for children who might have been attending with unsuspecting parents.

The packed house of 280 people were visibly excited up until the last-minute reveal. “I don’t even know what that is,” said one clueless attendee when told of the film’s title before the lights dimmed.

“Nyphomaniac: Part 1,” which stars Shia LaBeouf, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jamie Bell, already opened in France, Spain, Brazil and several Eastern European markets. It premieres in North American theaters on March 21.

None of the cast was known to be in attendance. Von Trier, who doesn’t fly, has never been to the United States.