North Korea is pointing the finger at the United States for its Internet shutdown and calling President Barack Obama “a monkey” in the aftermath of the Sony hacking scandal.

The country’s top military organization said in a statement on Saturday that the U.S. president was responsible for the release of “The Interview,” the Associated Press reports.

“Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” said an unidentified spokesman from the National Defense Commission, North Korea’s top governing body led by Kim Jong-un.

Obama criticized Sony last week for its decision to cancel the film’s Christmas Day release. The studio has since indirectly heeded the president’s advice and launched the film, which opened in 331 U.S. locations and on VOD on Wednesday. The pic is available on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox and Sony’s own site.

The country released a similar statement on the same state-run Korean Central News Agency last Saturday when it denied responsibility for the cyberattack that has crippled Sony.

The spokesman also blamed the U.S. for intermittent outages of North Korean websites this week, after the U.S. promised to respond following an FBI report that the country was responsible for the Sony hack.

“The U.S., a big country, started disturbing the Internet operation of major media of the DPRK, not knowing shame like children playing a tag,” the spokesman said before threatening the U.S. with unspecified consequences.