The MS Hope Foundation has re-named itself as the Tom Sherak MS Foundation in honor of its founder, who died Tuesday.

Annis Kishner, president of the foundation’s board, said, “To honor Tom’s memory and his uncompromising resolve to raise both awareness and the research funds needed to counterattack multiple sclerosis we are renaming our organization effectively immediately the Tom Sherak MS Hope Foundation. Tom gave us all hope. He continues to inspire us, and we pledge in his memory to continue his fight against MS with equal energy and determination. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom’s family.”

Sherak was an enthusiastic support of charities, including spearheading the annual MS Dinner for Champions, which raised millions for multiple sclerosis research, among many other philanthropic activities. His daughter Melissa has MS.

“It is with deep sadness that we mourn the passing of our founder Tom Sherak,” Kishner said. “We along with the countless people who suffer from this terrible disease with no known cure have lost a great friend. Tom was our inspiration and, while he might not agree, our leader. He continually rallied us to step up our efforts to fight this incapacitating condition that plagues not only his daughter but millions worldwide. We will miss his infectious spirit of optimism that we can make a difference in the lives of those who suffer daily.”