MovieTickets.com will begin offering mobile tickets that can be validated without scanners.

The company will begin rolling out a pilot edition of the technology by the end of the year and has commitments from theater chains it represents to begin offering the ticketing.

MovieTickets.com says that theater chains have been hesitant to allow people to use mobile devices as tickets because scanners are costly, require maintenance and demand a significant capital expenditure. With the new technology, the tickets will have embedded security features such as watermarks or touch animation elements that do not require scanning.

“Everything is visually verifiable,” said Movietickets.com CEO Joel Cohen. “We looked at past technologies and the reasons that they weren’t adopted. We looked at barriers and we tried to break them down.”

Movietickets.com has had mobile ticketing, and other companies, such as rival Fandango, also offer it, but this is the first of its kind to not require a scanner. Fandango is also experimenting with barcode-less technology, according to an individual with knowledge of the company.

“We’re going to do a slow roll out and have conversations with exhibitors,” said Cohen. “We hope to be available more widely early next year.”

The company developed the tickets with Bytemark, which has created similar products for the NY Waterway in New York City, the South Shore line in Chicago, and Cap Metro in Austin, Texas.