Independent producer Joe Lawless is developing a movie about the psychologist who delved into the mind of serial killer Gary Heidnik — a real-life inspiration for the Buffalo Bill character in “Silence of the Lambs.”

Lawless has optioned the life rights to Jack Apsche via his GoingLong Prods. Apsche was involved extensively with Heidnik through face-to-face interviews, serving as an expert witness at his murder trial, and a lengthy post-trial “pen pal” correspondence from prison.

Aspche transformed himself from a hardened Vietnam vet with severe PTSD and episodes of violence to become an internationally recognized psychologist.

“The story of Jack’s redemption is mesmerizing” said Cathy Gibbons Mostek, who will co-exec produce. “Jack walked into hell when he volunteered for Vietnam and faced evil again when he encountered Gary Heidnik: both battles took their toll, but Jack came out on the other side. The story of how he did that is both harrowing and inspiring.”

Apsche has won several awards for his research and clinical work. He is the only psychologist who is board certified in six specialty areas by the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Heidnik was executed for his crimes in 1999 and was the last person to be executed in Pennsylvania.

Sebastien Bazile (“Breuckelen”) is attached to write the script.

Lawless is exec producing a live concert film by stand-up comic Willie Barcena with Steve Longi’s Longitude Entertainment.