Entertainment One and Lionsgate have extended and expanded their feature film output agreements in Canada, Australia and Spain through 2018.

The deal has covered the launch of “The Hunger Games,” “Twilight” and “Divergent” franchises in the three territories. Upcoming movies include “Mockingjay” Parts 1 and 2, the next two installments of “The Hunger Games” franchise; the next three films in the “Divergent” series; “Gods of Egypt,” which just wrapped production in Australia, and “Now You See Me 2,” which starts production this fall.

“Lionsgate continues to deliver a consistent pipeline of commercially exciting films that resonate with audiences around the world. ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘Twilight,’ ‘Divergent,’ ‘Now You See Me’ … the brands speak for themselves,” said Patrice Theroux, who oversees eOne’s global film business.

Under the deal, eOne will continue to distribute both Lionsgate and Summit label titles in Canada and Spain while in Australia, eOne will distribute Summit label titles. Roadshow Pictures continues to distribute Lionsgate films, including “The Hunger Games” franchise, in Australia.