Though much of Mickey Rooney’s most notable work appeared more than 70 years ago, the Hollywood community remembers him fondly as a hardworking actor who started his career as a child in vaudeville and silent films and was still working until very recently in films like “Night at the Museum” and “The Muppets.”

His son Michael, a choreographer, was among the many posting about the legendary actor’s death on Twitter.

“Mickey was such a friend and pro, that he even gave me advice, when I replaced him in “Sugar Babies”… As if it could ever be possible to replace Mickey.  It was the treat of my life, to receive tips from the great Mickey Rooney.” – Rip Taylor

“Showbiz has just lost one of the great talents that our industry has ever had.  We were very good friends.  I shall miss him and the world will miss him” – Rose Marie

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