Martin Scorsese’s Sikelia Prods. has partnered with Brazilian producer Rodrigo Teixeira and his RT Features on a joint venture aimed at producing first and second films from emerging filmmakers worldwide.

The film fund will finance up to five projects with budgets under $5 million each over the next three years. The slate will be focused on auteur-driven films by emerging filmmakers that have crossover appeal and can reach commercial auds.

RT Features, led by Teixeira and exec producers Sophie Mas and Lourenco Sant’ Anna, will receive projects and initially vet them.

Scorsese and Sikelia’s Emma Tillinger Koskoff will provide support throughout the development, production, editing and release of the films.

“I am excited and energized to be working with Rodrigo Teixeira and RT Features on this initiative,” Scorsese said. “It’s getting harder and harder for young filmmakers to get their pictures made. This fund will provide real support where it’s so urgently needed.”

“This venture represents our shared commitment to cinema,” said RT Features’ Teixeira. “We’re huge fans of Scorsese, he’s one of the world’s greatest directors. We’re both movie lovers and share similar tastes — we want to empower young filmmakers and give them the full creative freedom that American directors had in the ’70s.”

Sikelia Prods. (formerly Cappa) is currently in pre-production with Scorsese’s next feature film, “Silence,” as well as an untitled rock ’n’ roll pilot for HBO. Scorsese is repped by WME Entertainment and LBI Entertainment.

RT Features has been producing films and TV series in Brazil since 2005 and ventured into the U.S. market in 2008, financing development and producing such ambitious arthouse pics as Noah Baumbach’s “Frances Ha” as well as Kelly Reichardt’s “Night Moves.”

A sponsor of this year’s Sundance Lab, RT Features has been dedicated to working with talented young directors since its inception and is also following more established filmmakers like James Gray, with whom it’s currently developing a sci-fi thriller. RT’s slate includes “The King’s Speech”’s scribe David Seidler-penned “Games of 1940.” RT Features is also working on an TV series’ adaptation of Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the tracks.”

WME Global secured the financing for the fund and represents worldwide rights to the films.