Fledgling film marketer MovieLaLa has received seed funding from Allen DeBevoise, the chairman of the Machinima video entertainment network.

DeBevoise told Variety that the investment will help the company move towards a full-scale launch of the social-network marketing platform in the coming months,.

And he asserted that the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie — which temporarily knocked out Twitter on Sunday night — underlined the need to find new methods to engage moviegoers about future titles, noting the tweet was retweeted 2.9 million times in less than 24 hours.

“The tweet and the reaction to it was a perfect example of why movie marketing needs to evolve,” DeBevoise noted. “It showed that moviegoing is such a social activity, based on people loving movies and stars.”

Machinima is one of YouTube’s largest network producers, targeting young males with scripted series, animated shows and gameplay videos.

MovieLaLa, which announced its launch in November, is touting itself as being able to connect studios with its user base of movielovers to optimize studio marketing efforts. Previously announced MovieLaLa financiers include Jim Moloshok, a former exec at HBO and Warner Bros.; Larry Braitman, a founding investor in Flixster; Wealthfront CEO and President Adam Nash; and Manatt Digital Media Ventures.

“Studios today have no problem generating awareness leading up to theatrical releases, but they struggle to transform that into intent to purchase tickets,” she said. “We look forward to closing the missing loop in movie marketing by helping studios optimize their marketing dollars through more effective online targeting with movie fans.”

MovieLaLa CEO and co-founder Dana Loberg told Variety that the company’s planning to launch an iPad app in April and move up to the next level of fundraising by seeking venture capital. To that end, DeBevoise has been included in a company pitch for more funds, asserting, “I love the idea and I think the solution is going to be very very powerful.”