Lionsgate has set a Super Bowl weekend release date in the U.S. for the action thriller “Wild Card,” starring Jason Statham, Michael Angarano, Milo Ventimiglia and Dominik Garcia-Lorido.

“Wild Card” will open in theaters and on demand on Jan. 30. Anne Heche, Sofia Vergara, Jason Alexander, Hope Davis and Stanley Tucci also appear in the film, directed by Simon West and based on the novel “Heat” by William Goldman, who also wrote the screenplay.

Statham plays a Las Vegas bodyguard with a gambling problem. When a friend is beaten by a sadistic thug, Statham’s charcter strikes back, only to find out the thug is the son of a powerful mob boss.

Steven Chasman is the producer. Executive producers are Nick Meyer, Marc Schaberg, Cassian Elwes, Robert Earl, Brian Pitt and Jib Polhemus.

“Wild Card” is presented by Lionsgate and SJ Heat Productions in association with Sierra/Affinity and Cinema Seven Productions.