Cannes 2014 is over, and so are the 11 non-stop nights of Champagne-infused parties that were made all the more merrier thanks to a surplus of booze and shortage of food. Unlike U.S. premieres, movie stars arrive on the Croisette ready to hang loose. Here are seven party secrets Variety uncovered:

(1) Leonardo DiCaprio talked on his cell phone while using the urinal.
Before auctioning off a trip to outer space at Thursday’s amfAR event, DiCaprio made a quick stop to the bathroom. As he walked in, he had a cell phone pressed to his ear — and he didn’t hang up while using the urinal. If that wasn’t weird enough, DiCaprio was actually talking business. “I offered him the role,” DiCaprio said about an A-list star he was trying to snag for a movie he’s producing.

(2) Paris Hilton couldn’t find her $500,000 after-party dress.
Hilton also attended amfAR. After it was over, Paris wanted to slip into something more comfortable — and she was seen climbing a steep driveway from the auction tent to the hotel lobby, with her gown hiked up around her. “I’m going to cry,” Hilton moaned. “Why the fuck am I wearing six-inch heels?” The front desk had no idea that she had a delivery coming, and Paris had to beg the concierge to let an underling through the gates with the dress, which she declared cost half a million dollars.

(3) “The Hunger Games” cast are shameless karaoke singers.
At the “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” party, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth were roped off in the VIP section. But that still didn’t stop them from lip syncing their hearts out. Lawrence and Hutcherson bopped up and down, mouthing the words to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” while Hemsworth showed his best moves to “Blurred Lines.” Several hours later, the trio were still raging at the Vanity Fair party down the street, although Hemsworth had broken away from the others to sit on a curb with a pretty girl. “I can’t even stand anymore,” he said.

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(4) Lindsay Lohan got kicked off a yacht.
There was just one rule at the Participant Media 10th anniversary boat party: kindly remove your shoes before proceeding to the upstairs deck. Lohan, who wasn’t invited, showed up with her posse, and they all kept their heels on. The captain then asked Lindsay to leave.

(5) Robin Thicke’s wife dumped him.
At his amfAR dinner performance, the “Blurred Lines” singer confessed that he wrote one of the new songs after his wife Paula Patton asked him for a divorce, confirming the tabloid reports that she left him. But he didn’t seem too choked up about it. When Sharon Stone introduced 40 supermodels in low-cut dresses for a fashion show, Thicke leapt up from his seat and moved closer to the stage to get a better look.

(6) What “Twilight” reunion?
Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had movies at Cannes this year, and “Twilight” fans held out hope that the exes would bump into each other on the Croisette. But it wasn’t meant to be. Pattinson’s premieres of “The Rover” and “Maps to the Stars” took place in the first half of the festival, and he was flying solo at the weekend Vanity Fair party with a big grin on his face. Kristen Stewart didn’t arrive until later for “Clouds of Sils Maria.” Even if they didn’t see each other, at least both actors got rave reviews.

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(7) Justin Bieber is totally approachable.
Well, as approachable as you can be when you travel with a troop of bodyguards. But for the most part, Bieber — who said he came to Cannes to perform at an event and stopped at so many parties, he almost broke Twitter — didn’t turn away fans who asked for pictures. After he left the Participant yacht at around 2 a.m., a group of squealing girls crowded around him with their iPhones. Bieber stopped for half a second, and then hopped into his chauffeured car and rode off into the night.