Landmark Theatres offer specials for adults to bring in their babies and save money, but this particular “Rattle & Reel” screening may strike some as odd.

The Landmark Theatres website announced that they will be showing Lars Von Trier’s highly sexual “Nymphomaniac: Vol I” as part of their Rattle & Reel special, where adults pay normal admission but can bring their babies for free, at their Sunshine Cinema in New York. The special is good for March 26 as well as April 2

The website reads as follows:

“The Sunshine Cinema welcomes caregivers and their babies on Wednesdays for our special Rattle & Reel screenings. Adults pay normal admission prices but all babies are FREE! Tickets available at the box office only on the day of show. Screening Wednesday, March 26 at 12:00 noon: Nymphomaniac Volume I. Screening Wednesday, April 2 at 12:00 noon: TBA”

Landmark Theatres have been holding the Rattle & Reel screenings for several years on Wednesdays. “Nymphomaniac: Vol I” will be released to limited theaters on Friday.