New York-based production company Kissaki Films has secured the life rights to Ashol-Pan, a young eagle huntress whose talents have recently made her an Internet sensation.

Kissaki Films founder Otto Bell will direct “Eagle Huntress,” a documentary on the 13-year-old girl inspired by the photography of Asher Svidensky, whose photo set went viral earlier this year. The film will follow her family and culture, set in the Altai Mountains of northwestern Mongolia, where the tradition of hunting with eagles is done only by males.

Bell recently traveled to Mongolia for a week to shoot test footage of Ashol-Pan and secure her rights for the film. He and his team are planning to return later this year during an annual Eagle Festival.

“I optioned Asher’s story the day I saw his photos,” said Bell in a statement. “It was clear that (Svidensky) had found a special story and I immediately felt a sense of responsibility to carefully bring (Ashol-Pan’s) inspiring story to life through film.”

Kissaki Films recently received a News & Documentary Emmy nomination for their film “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare,” which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. “Eagle Huntress” has not yet been given a release date.