For those who haven’t yet seen all of the Oscar-nominated pics, CineFix has created a pint-sized recap video starring some pretty adorable kids.

In a series of short clips co-produced by mom.me, “Kid Oscars” provides the gist of each film as the talented youngsters act out scenes from “Captain Phillips,” “Gravity,” “Her,” “12 Years a Slave,” “American Hustle,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Nebraska” and “Dallas Buyers Club.” “Philomena” is notably absent from the video because, as the young actors admit, they just haven’t seen it.

The kids don wigs, mustaches, glasses and other props to get into character, and their performances are spot-on and downright comical as they reenact the overtaking of Captain Phillips’ ship, Matthew McConaughey’s chest-pounding number from “Wolf of Wall Street” and George Clooney floating off into space.

Auds will have to wait until March 2 for the Oscar results, but these kids will help viewers relive some of their favorite moments from the past year in film.