Keanu Reeves may have played Constantine, but he still harbors interest in other comicbook characters.

The action star, whose new film “John Wick” hit theaters this weekend, told Moviefone that there are two particular superheroes that he’s dreamt of portraying: Batman and Wolverine.

“I always wanted to play Wolverine, but I didn’t get that,” he told Moviefone. “And they have a great Wolverine now. I always wanted to play The Dark Knight, but I didn’t get that one. They’ve had some great Batmans. So now I’m just enjoying them as an audience.

Reeves also talked about an iconic character that he did embody, Ted Theodore Logan. The actor said the future of a “Bill & Ted” sequel is still uncertain this early in the development process.

“We’re trying to do it,” he said. “There’s a script. We’re trying to get the rights. We’re trying to raise the money. We’re trying to get a director. It’s still early days.”