Jennifer Lawrence Big Draw for ‘X-Men’ Fans, Survey Finds

X-Men X Men Days of Future

Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t a household name when “X-Men: First Class” hit theaters in 2011. Three years later, she has an Oscar on her mantel thanks to “Silver Linings Playbook,” and a monster franchise in her quiver with the global success of “The Hunger Games.”

Lawrence’s rising star is paying off for the latest “X-Men” adventure. Nearly three-quarters of ticket buyers said that they were motivated to see “X-Men: Days of Future Past” because of her role as the shape-shifting Mystique, according to a survey by online ticketer Fandango.

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” opened in theaters on Thursday night and is expected to dominate the Memorial Day box office. Fandango reports that it is responsible for more than 90% of its weekend pre-sales.

The Fandango study is unscientific and the sample size of 1,000 participants is small, but it does show that the decision to have Lawrence’s character factor into the plot more centrally this time round was a wise one. Mystique is front-and-center in the film’s posters and marketing materials and the fate of mutant-kind rests in her scaly blue hands.

Among other findings, 88% of those surveyed said they have seen the previous “X-Men” movies on the big screen and 82% are looking forward to the next film in the franchise, “X-Men: Apocalypse.” That film lands in theaters in 2016, but “Days of Future Past” has a post-credits teaser that may give fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the follow-up.

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  1. Pyro says:

    I think the title is incorrect. I think it’s more like “Jennifer Lawrence Fans boost X-Men Ticket Sales”. An X-Men fan would go see it because it’s an X-Men movie, or because they tapped ideas from one of the greatest X-Men stories. They would be seeing it because it’s X-Men, and maybe because they like Mystique, If someone else had replaced her, it would not stop an X-men fan. That said, I prefer Rebecca Romjin in the role and will see the new X-Men because it looks awesome, not because of any one actor.

    • JEREMY says:

      Interesting name, Pyro
      Too bad we don’t get to see YOU in a cameo role
      Still, you make some very good points.
      Nice to see you found a side as a film critic, since there was no role for you in the latest X-MEN film.

  2. Tim says:

    Really? Nearly-naked Jennifer Lawrence was a draw to the mostly-male fans? In other news, water has been confirmed to be wet, and the Sahara desert is hot and dry.

  3. Clayton Allen says:

    Really? I get that she’s the media favorite at the moment but I don’t know anyone that specifically went along to see Xmen because of her. Something tells me her marketing people are working in over drive to secure a better pay packet for the next one.

  4. Cassidy says:

    I liked Rebecca as Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence is great but she isn’t hard enough to play Mystique. Mystique is a complete badass.

  5. tokyogodfather says:

    Personally, i’m a really disappointed there was no SPOILER ALERT about the post-credits thing. Just having anything after the credits is a nice suprise…other sites ruined it by saying more about whats in the post credits, but Variety is more professional than those site. Plus, combining what Variety said and what the other sites said spoils it even more when I put 2 and 2 together…sigh. I live in China so I have to wait to see it.

  6. I’m not surprised because I’ve heard quite a few comments before American Hustle that she was the reason for seeing it.

    I have to commend Fox for tapping into her expanded fame by expanding Mystique role, since she’s drawing audience and they would have been disappointed if her role was only Cranston in Godzilla. But she is a big player in DOFP so no bait and switch here. Also, good job on bringing back Jackman. Since Wolverine Origins opened with 85M and Wolverine-free First Class with only 55M, it was obvious that big part of fandom sit First Class out because Wolverine wasn’t in it (secret cameo doesn’t count). So good call on bringing him back in a big role. The combo of Jackman bringing back old fans who skipped First Class and JLaw attracting new fandom to the series is working wonders. Great business AND creative decision. Studio’s should take notes.

  7. sailormoon says:

    Naked Jennifer Lawrence trying to kill people is a draw for fans — someone needed a survey to tell them that?

  8. onmedea says:

    So true. The great drunk and high Finnish film critic Kimmo Mustonenen has written a hilarious review of X-Men (and he is clearly in love with Jennifer Lawrence):

    • Bruno says:

      Just because she’s famous, her work as Mystique isn’t anything special, the actress who played her in the original X-Men did a better job

      • jim jones says:

        So a survey says that fans are more attracted to the new movie because Lawrence is now in it? If that is the case why not cast Kristen Stewart they have about as much talent and she is way more attractive? But what I could not understand is why a woman with the power to look like anyone she would want to would go from looking like Romijn to RuPaul, seriously guys. The character Mystique was supposed to be attractive and intelligent, how does casting someone that looks like they have Down Syndrome promote beauty and intelligence? I suspect those that did the casting and the survey both drank the special kool-aid.

      • Bernie Ohls says:

        Even better, look it up on IMDb and spell her name right — Rebecca Romijn.

      • TimeForTom says:

        I love how we live in this age where all Information is at our fingertips but some guy named “Bruno” can’t research what the hell he is talking about…. instead of saying “the actress who played her in the original X-Men did a better job” try looking it up real fast and say “Rebecca Roman was better” So much faster bruno!

      • Rebbeca Romain, what a beauty! Let’s face it we all age. I don’t think Rebbeca’s bod could keep up the naked pace. Jennifer is doing a nice job. But not near the physique of Ms Romain in her day.

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