Jackie Chan’s Son, Jaycee Arrested on Drug Charges

China is stepping up punishment of celebrities who set bad examples to society

Jaycee Chan
Andrew Ross/Getty Images

HONG KONG — Jaycee Chan, son of martial arts superstar Jackie Chan, has been arrested in Beijing in connection with possible drug use.

According to reports by Chinese online and state media, Jaycee Chan (aka Fang Zuming) was present when Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (aka Ko Chen-tung), star of “You Are The Apple Of My Eye,” was recently arrested on drugs charges.

Subsequently, The People’s Daily, one of the most important state media in China, reported that Chan was arrested after police found 100 grams of marijuana at his home.

The problems for Chan and Ko follow a succession of other recent arrests in China of mainland, Taiwanese and Hong Kong actors on drugs charges.

Their detention also follows the announcement last week that some 42 entertainment and performance agencies had stuck an agreement to boycott celebrities that take drugs.

The agreement was organized by the Beijing Trade Association for Performances and called for the member companies to avoid giving work to drug-using actors or using tainted celebrities in promotional events.

Jin Zhihai, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Anti-Drug Office, said that as public figures, stars need to provide good examples for juveniles and society.

Other recent cases involved actor Gao Hu caught taking drugs on Aug. 4, singer Li Daimo, director Zhang Yuan, screenwriter Ning Caishen actor Zhang Mo, and Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung.

It is unclear what, if any, impact Jaycee Chan’s issues will have on the trajectory of Jackie Chan. Chan senior, himself the son of a pre-war opium smuggler, has sometimes distanced himself from his son and previously said that Jaycee will not inherit any of his fortune. However Jackie Chan was recently in London promoting the U.K. release of “Chinese Zodiac.” Among the topics he discussed with The Guardian was his recent conversion to a more responsible form of parenting.

Speaking in the U.K., Jackie Chan also confirmed that he was in early talks to board fourth instalments in the “Rush Hour” and “The Expendables” franchises.

Jaycee Chan, 31, has appeared in some 20 movies including “The Drummer” and “The Sun Also Rises.” Brought up in Los Angeles, he has also tried to launch a music career.