The industry coalition Creative America, set up by studios and guilds to combat piracy, is renaming itself CreativeFuture following the hire of Ruth Vitale as its executive director.

The org will highlight the value of creative content as well as the availability of copyrighted movies, TV shows and other projects on digital platforms.

Creative America was originally unveiled in fall of 2011, as industry trade associations and unions were trying to mobilize support for anti-piracy legislation in Congress, the Stop Online Piracy Act. But that stalled out in the face of protest, including an unprecedented one-day blackout of Wikipedia and other sites.

Since then, the entertainment industry’s focus has not been on legislation but on securing voluntary agreements with such sectors of the Internet ecosystem as search engines as a way to root out sites that traffic in infringing material.

“For too long, too many of us have been silent about the harm caused by commercial piracy, for lack of awareness or reluctance to get involved,” Vitale said in a statement. “We’re not talking about a couple of kids in a basement. That’s a common misconception. In fact, nearly every pirate website operates to make a profit, and many of them make millions of dollars a year from others’ stolen creative works. It’s the people behind these websites and their funding sources that we need to focus on.”

Among the companies supporting CreativeFuture are 21st Century Fox, Alcon Entertainment, the American Film Institute, Anchor Bay, Bona Fide Productions, Brainstorm Media, Bruce Cohen Productions, CBS Corp., Chicken Soup for the Soul, Creative Artists Agency, Dada Films, DG Entertainment, Di Novi Pictures, Directors Guild of America, Disruption Entertainment, DreamWorks Studios, Endgame Entertainment, Equitable Stewardship for Artists, Escape Artists, Evolution Entertainment, Flashpoint Entertainment, Fredell Pogodin & Associates, Glaser Weil LLP, Gold Circle, Gran Via Productions, IATSE Intl., ICM Partners, Independent Film & Television Alliance, Independent Filmmaker Project and Killer Films.

Also in the coalition are Laurence Mark Productions, Leonard Hill Films, Lionsgate, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, The Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., MGM Studios, Millennium Films, MRC, National Association of Theatre Owners, NBCUniversal, New Regency Prods., OddLot Entertainment, Open Road Films, Original Film, Tom Ortenberg, Palomar Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Pariah, Resolution, Rhino Films, Ruby Film and Television, SAG-AFTRA, Screen Engine, Michael Shamberg, Shout! Factory, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Slamdance, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Story Mining & Supply Co., UTA, Valhalla Entertainment, Viacom, Virgin Produced, the Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Weinstein Company, WME and Ziffren Brittenham LLP.

Vitale joined the org last year after serving as founder and co-president of Paramount Classics and president of Fine Line Features.