The Human Rights Campaign will honor the cast and filmmakers of “The Imitation Game” at the organization’s upcoming New York Gala Dinner on Jan. 31 at the Waldorf Astoria.

“The Imitation Game,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, has become an awards season frontrunner along with films like “Birdman” and “Boyhood.”

“We are proud to honor the stars and filmmakers of ‘The Imitation Game’ for bringing the captivating yet tragic story of Alan Turing to the bigscreen,” said HRC president Chad Griffin. “Alan Turing was a true hero who saved countless lives with his revolutionary thinking and determination. Yet during the most tragic part of his lifetime, he stood alone and endured unimaginable torment and shame because he was gay. This film will give millions across the globe a chance to celebrate a truly brilliant man for his groundbreaking contributions to the world.”

The movie tells the story of the late British cryptographer and computer scientist Turing, who developed a method of cracking previously unbreakable Nazi codes. Turing was later arrested and prosecuted after he was caught in a same-sex relationship. He was chemically castrated by his government and later committed suicide.

The event will also feature a performance from singer-songwriter Mary Lambert.