‘Gravity’ Soars Past $100 Mil Global Milestone in Imax

3D space odyssey marks only the third pic to gross nine-figures with the large-format company

'Gravity's IMAX Box Office: Film Soars Past $100 Million Global Milestone

With just a few weeks left until the Academy Awards, Warner Bros.’ multiple-nominee “Gravity” reached a milestone in Imax, crossing $100 million globally, making it only the third film for the mega-screen circuit to do so.

To date, “Gravity” has grossed nearly $700 million worldwide; pic’s Imax contribution totals $48.6 million domestically, with $51.5 million overseas.

The Imax milestone for “Gravity” is especially noteworthy considering the only other two films to hit nine figures for the company are “Avatar” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” both of which far surpassed $1 billion at the global box office. Also, “Gravity,” which Warner recently re-released in 330 domestic Imax locations post-Oscar nominations, initially bowed Oct. 3, an atypical launchpad for any blockbuster.

The Imax factor has been an exceptional boon for the 3D space epic, driving repeat business, as well as lifting the generally lagging 3D format.

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“We congratulate our longtime partners at Warner Bros., along with writer-director-producer Alfonso Cuaron, and producer David Heyman, for crafting a visually and emotionally stunning film that appeals to Imax audiences around the world,” said Greg Foster, CEO of Imax Entertainment and senior exec VP of Imax Corp.

“Gravity” received 10 Oscar nominations, including best picture, director and actress for Sandra Bullock. Currently, the film is playing at 701 domestic locations; pic launches on homevid on Feb. 25.