The seven Oscar wins for “Gravity” have generated a trio of congratulatory video messages from the NASA.

“NASA congratulates everyone involved with producing the movie ‘Gravity” for all of the Oscar wins, especially Alfonso Cuarón for winning best director at the 86th Academy Awards Ceremony held on March 2, 2014,” the space agency said.

One of the videos was shot aboard the International Space Station with NASA Astronauts Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio and JAXA Astronaut Koichi Wakata.

“Up here, 260 miles above Earth, we know a little bit about gravity and the lack of gravity,” said Hopkins, who then proceeded to perform multiple somersaults while Mastracchio and Wakata spoke.

NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino said that he had enjoyed the movie, particularly for portraying the look and feel of space accurately. “It brought back a lot of memories,” he added.

NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman congratulated the cast and noted that she lived aboard the International Space Station during Expedition 27, while “Gravity” was being filmed, and spoke with Sandra Bullock, from space.