The author of “Gone Girl,” who also adapted the script, talked to Variety about her new movie and other projects.

1. Flynn said she didn’t imagine an actress playing Amy when she wrote the book. “It can get distracting. I had pictured vaguely a Hitchcock blonde.”

2. She fought to write the script for “Gone Girl.” “I have a huge love for movies. I was the daughter of a film professor.”

3. She had lengthy conversations with Rosamund Pike about playing Amy. “(Rosamund) was very curious about making Amy whole. She would ask questions that I didn’t have the answer to, and I thought I knew everything.”

4. The adaptation of her novel “Dark Places” will hit theaters next year with Charlize Theron as Libby. “I think it’s absolutely lovely. It’s haunting and unnerving.”

5. Even though she’s writing HBO series “Utopia” for David Fincher, she’ll keep cranking out novels. “I’d love to do both. Novel writing is still so decadent. I was all ready to start my next book when Fincher gave me the call about ‘Utopia.’ I couldn’t resist.”