Gawker Says Quentin Tarantino’s Suit Is Really an Attack on Its Reporting

Quentin Tarantino Gawker
Pierre Suu/WireImage

Gawker Media fired back at Quentin Tarantino’s claim that it “fabricated” a news story to justify linking to a leaked online copy of his “Hateful Eight” script.

In a response to a motion that Tarantino’s attorneys filed last week, Gawker Media said that the director’s legal team “attacks the nature of Gawker’s reporting,” contending that they are “ludicrously” claiming that the news story was fabricated because they are “short on actionable facts and supporting law.”

“As reflected by the vitriol in his papers, Tarantino’s claim against Gawker is animated by his displeasure with Gawker’s past and present reporting about him, rather than the possibility that some unknown persons may have accessed his script online,” Gawker said in a filing on Monday urging the dismissal of the case.

In January, after Tarantino complained to Deadline Hollywood that someone had leaked the script for his latest project, Gawker posted a story on its Defamer site titled “Here Is the Leaked Quentin Tarantino Hateful Eight Script,” with a link to a third party website hosting the 146-page script. Tarantino sued Gawker, claiming copyright infringement.

But Gawker said that Tarantino’s complaint “contains no facts showing even a single infringement by a member of the general public who clicked on Gawker’s links.”

Even though Tarantino may have a claim for direct infringement against Anonfiles.com, which posted the script, such a claim is “utterly irrelevant” to Tarantino’s claim, Gawker said in its filing. Gawker contends that its linking to the script was a “journalistic fair use.”

U.S. District Judge John F. Walter will hold a hearing on Gawker’s motion to dismiss on April 14.