Paramount’s “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” gave it a good try, but the sequel to the 2004 comedy about a full-of-himself San Diego newscaster couldn’t topple Walt Disney’s “Frozen” from the top of the national home video sales charts for the week ended April 6.

The animated feature remained at No. 1 for the third consecutive week on both the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart, which tracks overall disc sales, DVD and Blu-ray Disc combined, and Nielsen’s dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart.

“Anchorman 2,” meanwhile, debuted at No. 3 on both charts, behind Disney’s direct-to-video “The Pirate Fairy,” the fifth computer-animated film in the DisneyToon Studios’ Tinker Bell film series.

Nielsen data shows that even in its third week of release, “Frozen” sold twice as many copies as “Anchorman 2,” which just came out on disc after earning $127.4 million in U.S. theaters – nearly 50% more than the original.

A third new release snagged the No. 4 spot on both charts: Universal Studios samurai adventure “47 Ronin,” starring Keanu Reeves, which earned $38.4 million in U.S. theaters.

Rounding out the top five, again on both charts, was Paramount’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which slipped to No. 5 after bowing at No. 2 the prior week.

Of the newcomers, “Anchorman 2” fared best on Blu-ray, with the high-definition format accounting for 62% of total unit sales, a higher percentage than for either “The Pirate Fairy” (47%) or “47 Ronin” (55%).

It should be noted that “Anchorman 2” also was available in a two-pack, with the original, exclusive to Walmart. The bundle sold enough copies to debut at No. 6 on the Blu-ray Disc chart; adding in those sales to the regular standalone version means “Anchorman 2” actually sold more Blu-ray Disc copies than “The Pirate Fairy.”

On Home Media Magazine’s rental chart for the week, “Anchorman 2” debuted at No. 1. The film’s arrival pushed the previous week’s top rental, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” to No. 2, which in turn sent Warner’s “Gravity” down a notch as well, to No. 3.

Twentieth Century Fox’s “12 Years a Slave,” which came out on disc a month ago but wasn’t available via Netflix or Redbox for 28 days, finally hit those key rental outlets and soared up to No. 4 on the rental chart, with “Frozen” rounding out the top five after finishing at No. 4 the prior week.

Thomas K. Arnold is editorial director of Home Media Magazine, http://www.homemediamagazine.com.

Top 20 Nielsen VideoScan First Alert chart for week of 4/6/2014:

1. “Frozen”
2. “The Pirate Fairy” (new)
3. “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” (new)
4. “47 Ronin” (new)
5. “The Wolf of Wall Street”
6. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”
7. “Walking With Dinosaurs”
8. “Saving Mr. Banks”
9. “American Hustle”
10. “Despicable Me 2”
11. “Scooby-Doo: Wrestlemania Mystery”
12. “Thor: The Dark World”
13. “Little Rascals Save the Day” (new)
14. “Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!”
15. “Gravity”
16. “Anchorman 2” Two-Pack (exclusive to Walmart) (new)
17. “Rio”
18. “12 Years a Slave”
19. “Delivery Man”
20. “Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines” (new)

Top 10 Home Media Magazine rental chart for week of 4/6/2014:

1. “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” (new)
2. “The Wolf of Wall Street”
3. “Gravity”
4. “12 Years a Slave” (new)
5. “Frozen”
6. “American Hustle”
7. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”
8. “Delivery Man”
9. “Thor: The Dark World”
10. “Dallas Buyers Club”