‘Frozen’ Becomes the Highest-Grossing Animated Film Ever


Disney’s animated tentpole “Frozen” has continued its wildly successful run in international markets to become to biggest animated pic ever, bringing its total to $1.072 billion this weekend after opening in its final market, Japan.

The competition to beat was another Disney/Pixar title, “Toy Story 3,” which grossed $1.063 billion in 2010. “Frozen” earned $398.4 million domestically and $674 million internationally to take the title.

In its run overseas, “Frozen” has become the top Disney or Pixar film in 27 territories. It has grossed $50.5 million in Japan thus far, and also broke into the top ten films of all time globally at the box office this weekend.

It was released more than four months ago in the U.S., where it had a late November opening. Since then, it has enjoyed both critical and major financial success, becoming the first billion-dollar film from Disney Animation Studios. It won two Academy Awards as well, one for best animated film and the other for original song.

The 3D fantasy-comedy was directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen.” It was released on DVD and Blu-ray March 18.

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  1. Sparkle says:

    For the record, this is without infiltration. If it was with infiltration, you’re absolutely right. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves would be higher up. Also take into consideration that Snow White and the Seven Dwarves had more releases and Frozen.

  2. Ajipon says:

    The success of this movie and the song “Let it Go” has made it trendy to bash and hate them. It has become increasingly difficult to separate between actual criticism from dislike and criticism just for the sake of being contrarian.

    • Sparkle says:

      I know, right? I can’t tell if a person actually hates this movie or if they are just saying it because it’s so popular and they want to stand out.

  3. Huma says:

    Why do People even say ”Bad” To Frozen? I just love Frozen. My favorite Character is Queen Elsa.

  4. prebfgh says:

    When adjusted it would be the 16-18 ranked animated film and pass 100 in total films. Considering the “GROWTH” of markets like China (2nd highest market in the World now was like 10th a few years ago), Russia, Japan (3rd), UK (4th) as well as inflation in Those markets……. And even the HIGHEST TICKET PRICES EVER, in the U.S. of course it made as much as it did. There wasn’t any OTHER REAL FAMILY FILMS THAT CAME OUT FOR 2 AND A HALF MONTHS after it was released.
    The movie itself was so so. It SKIPPED OVER ALMOST EVERYTHING it introduced which was annoying. The main character didn’t save the KINGDOM, she actually just froze to death…… which the ICE SHOULD HAVE BROKE. IT BORROWED FROM every other Disney film, and just changed one thing. BRAVE anybody? Yeah female character was the hero, womanly bond.

    • Lunacy says:

      If you adjust for inflation you have to consider adjusting for other things. When SNOW WHITE came out in 1937 the only other major forms of entertainment available to the masses was radio and TV and Televisions were still too expensive for most homes. Movie theatres attracted people in droves. SNOW WHITE was the first animated film produced in English and Technicolor so part of its appeal was simply that it was a new thing (much like AVATAR with 3D). When LION KING came out in the 90’s, satellite TV was only just starting, DVDs weren’t available yet. The Internet wasn’t yet something that home users had access to. There were no streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Theatre going was still a mayor draw. FROZEN was released in the digital age and has had to compete for entertainment dollars and time with a zillion satellite and cable offerings, streaming services, the Internet (bootleg versions of the movie and YouTube clips in its entirety were available a couple of weeks after it premiered), DVDs which can be rented and are now cheap enough for most to buy. It’s a CGI animated film but there have been several of those made already so it didn’t have the newness of that as mayor draw. Despite all of this and despite starting slow, the film has gone on to become the highest grossing animated film and to break into the all-time top ten list because of word of mouth and repeated viewings. If you’re going to adjust for ticket cost, adjust for these other little things as well and give FROZEN it’s fair due. It’s captivated the hearts and imagination of millions and done it in a MUCH more competitive and challenging background than all those other films that came before it.

  5. kienhoa68 says:

    In terms of total views worldwide, Snow White would obviously win as would many others. That’s total pairs of eyes seeing the movie. Money is only one measure of success.

  6. No it didnt! If you are going to do this you have to configure all other movies from the past to the price of tickets now! Because prices have doubled in the last 20 years! Snow White totally beats out Frozen, by far! Then Lion King, then Frozen!

  7. Robert says:

    It deserves it.

    • luke says:

      no. you are wrong. snow white is horrible, look up the original snow white grimm brothers tales. frozen is amazing compared to that piece of junk.

  8. HangingWoody says:

    It’s about time something knocked “Cloy Story” off it’s long-undeserved pedestal.

  9. steve barr says:

    No it’s not . Frozen isn’t even in the top 100 adjusted list . this is so stupid . Snow White is the highest grossing annimated film of all time . Lion King , Fantasia ,Jungle Book ,Sleeping Beauty ,Pinocchio, and Bambi made more money.

    • So, you’re talking adjusted for inflation? I prefer to go by the actual numbers than by imaginary adjusted numbers, thank you. Snow White made $416 million worldwide, that’s the real number. Frozen made $1,072,402,000 worldwide on its original run. Snow White wasn’t even close to Frozen’s box office. Not even the imaginary adjusted number reach up to Frozen’s real number. None of the film’s you mentioned had made as much money as Frozen made. End of story. Accept it, deal with it and move on.

    • Marco says:

      Sir you are incorrect. Snow White grossed $184,925,486 which in today’s terms it would be approx $910,150,000 so more or less what the article states. 863 million unadjusted for inflation in 1937 would make Snow White the highest grossing movie, album and video game combined in history.

    • Statistics Person says:

      Adjusting for inflation, we find Frozen to be #15 grossing domestically. It’s far too difficult to adjust for international though, since you have to do it country by country. However, we also note that Frozen has been more successful internationally than typically expected of an animated movie, even in countries where animated movies traditionally are not successful.

    • Anna says:

      I’m confused. The list says Snow White made 863 million. Frozen made 1.072 BILLION. Snow White doesn’t even come close…

      • Hailey says:

        You have to adjust for time periods and inflation … Snow White made 863 million back when it came out, which if memory serves me correctly was what, in the 1920’s? 30’s? That would be an absolutely ENORMOUS amount of money in today’s money (which I’m too lazy to calculate)

  10. victor_now75 says:

    It’s all about the money, but not attendance. The real deal will be to number the tickets (the real people who see a movie) sold for cinemas. What does it means 1,072 billion dollars in tickets sold all over the world? 150-200 million tickets sold perhaps. It should appear the attendance from all over the world besides the money the movie get (the inflation is rising from Casablanca (1942) or Gone with with the Wind (1939) were first released)!

    And for a personal note Toy Story 3 is more better that Frozen, even Tangled was more funny and memorable. The last really great animations were all back from 2010: Toy Story 3, How to Train Your Dragon and Tangled. Frozen is good just as Brave were 2 years ago (a good animation, but not really great).

    • Toy Story 3, as well as Tangled, were great films, but not even close to being better than Frozen, honestly. Toy Story 3 was a destined and moving farewell to our childhood, nothing more, or less, than that. And Tangled was really funny and well animated, but comedy isn’t everything, Tangled was memorable, but not THAT memorable, even the songs in Tangled were less meaningful/relatable and less memorable than the fantastic and touching musical numbers in Frozen. Frozen is without a doubt the greatest animated film of all time, and it has reached an impossible title: The most touching, most perfect, and greatest film I have ever seen. A title that I’ve not been able to give to any other film. The only film that made me cry. That’s a big deal for me at least.

  11. Kobe Wild says:

    I thought it was ok, not outstanding… but it’s good to see animation getting some love.
    it’s a hard business to be part of.

  12. john says:

    I love woody and buzz< but I loved frozen even more. well derserving film. It is currently at #10 in top ten highest grossing movies of all time, but by the time it done with japan it will be at number 6. no doubt. one of the best movies cant wait for Disney to make the sequel.

  13. Samuel says:

    Reblogged this on Write a blog on a log, Sam I am and commented:
    WHAT?????????? It was good, but it wasn’t that great of a movie. And that song is overplayed. MEH!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jonas The Bro says:

    Wait till Cars 3, Airplanes 2 and Lawnmowers The movie, and Pixar will set the record straight.

  15. Bill says:

    So well deserved. “Frozen” has quickly become not only my favorite animated films, but one of my top films of all time, period.

    It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – no film is.

    But at least for me, it far outclasses even the classic Disney warhorses and is truly something very, very special.

    • John A. Mcdonald says:

      Yea, I couldn’t agree more. This movie is a masterpiece. Expected nothing when I went to watch it, I was completely mind blown at how great of an animation this was. My favourite animated movie of all time, nothings going to take that title from it. Dammit I loved this movie. Absolutely sensational, if Disney makes a sequel I’ll probably squeal like a little girl and run over to the theatre.

    • john says:

      god cars sucks. the third one will flop after cars 2. easily worst Pixar film ever

  16. writingme says:

    As much as I care for George Clooney, he really said it best here:

    You’re never as bad as they say you are, and you’re never as good as they say you are.

  17. Eddie says:

    A new home costs more than it ever did. Gas prices are the highest ever. Just because things cost more for consumers doesn’t mean they’re inherently better. “Frozen” has a long way to go before it finds the kind of influence and long-lasting impact of the great animated films. But I realize marketing and PR people have bonuses to make, and Iger needs more money from the board, so I can see why it’s important to talk about the pure dollars versus the genuine popularity and success. On that level, it has a long way to go before it even hits “The Lion King.” About half the people who saw “Lion King” in theaters have seen “Frozen” in theaters.

  18. Glenn C. says:

    Saw it finally on an airplane and thought that it was ok but not great. Very typical actually. I kept thinking to myself, “why all the fuss?” The animation was good but it just felt like a normal Disney film. Nothing really groundbreaking and yet so many out there thinks it’s like the reinvention of the wheel!!! Crazy how people react to things and why!?

    • Frozen rules says:

      With the exception of Mulan, it’s the only Disney animated movie where the woman saves HERSELF, and on top of that – the entire kingdom. It’s the only Disney animated movie (and possibly the only animated movie with a female heroine) where the plot didn’t focus on a romantic relationship, but instead on a relationship between two women AND one of those women didn’t just end up with a man at the end (Elsa). I could go on and on, but it DID reinvent the wheel actually.

    • Smooth says:

      $1.072 Billion dollars, I would say most of the world disagrees.

    • Junior says:

      I would be so terribly boring if everybody had the same opinion about something. You don’t like, most people like it. That’s life. I don’t like The Walking Dead, but a lot of people do, and I don’t think that’s crazy at all.

    • therealeverton says:

      It is, including that it is almost impossible to have an impartial reaction to a film that you have heard so much about for such a long time. “Rubbish” films aren’t as bad as people day and great films don’t live up.

      Bot saying this makes Frozen a geat film (It is very goods though) just that it is a fact hat subconsciously, at least, a person’s reaction in these circumstances, is rarely neutral.

  19. Sean j says:

    It’s a great film for all ages, deserves every penny it makes, and more. I am really hoping for a sequel.

    • Nenshi says:

      It’s going down as a classic in 20 years. Disney really outdid themselves, Frozen is better than even their previous Renaissance films. Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Mulan, were all amazing, but Frozen completely took me.

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