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Grant Thompson is set to write the script for the adaptation of the GQ article “Electric Boy Genius” for Disney.

Mayhem’s Gordon Gray and Brad Butler are producing.

The film tells the story of electrical engineering prodigy Ryan Patterson’s entry into the 2001 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Patterson went on to not only win the competition, but also gained a position in aerospace robotics for Lockheed Martin. The prodigy began to display his unique affinity for electricity at the tender age of two when he asked for an extension cord and would cuddle with it for comfort rather than a blanket.

In preschool, he would disassemble household electronics, and in elementary school, he tortured his sister and her friends by chasing them around with a robotic mop that he had built. Knowing that Ryan would need more stimulation than his home high school provided, his parents got involved with a local math and science center to ensure that he could realize his potential. The result was an intricately constructed sign language interpretation glove so meticulously engineered that “some of the judges refused to believe it had been created by a child.”

One of the three scribes who penned the Kevin Costner film “McFarland, USA,” Thompson just finished writing the adaptation of the Philip K. Dick story “The Penultimate Truth” for Electric Shepherd Productions and is currently writing “Spitfire” for Lionsgate.

He also recently sold the pitch “The Game of Life” to Gran Via which Mayhem is also producing.

He is repped by Paradigm and Madhouse Entertainment.