Horror pic “Deliver Us From Evil” spent more than $19 million in New York state over the course of its 34-day shoot in New York City and on Long Island, according to economic development agency Empire State Development.

Empire State, the org of which the New York State Governor’s Office for Motion Picture and Television Development is a division, touted the contributions to the area economy as the film opens at theaters around the country today. Such numbers, illustrating the fiscal benefits that film and TV production bring to the state, can grease the wheels for enthusiastic local participation as future projects shoot in the area.

“Deliver Us From Evil,” the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced horror pic about a policeman who teams up with a priest to investigate a series of demonic possessions, paid $7 million to New York residents, hiring some 700 cast and crew as well as more than 400 extras. Project also paid $525,000 in state taxes and shelled out significant chunks of change for catering, site fees and hotel rooms.

The “Deliver Us” numbers don’t come close to hitting the blockbuster spending logged by “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” but the tallies can nonetheless be tubthumped to show off the rewards of bringing in lower-budget projects to the area as well as tentpoles.