Daniel Radcliffe Wants to Play Robin to Ben Affleck’s Batman

Daniel Radcliffe You Shall Know Your
Walter McBride/WireImage

From Harry Potter to Batman’s sidekick Robin?

Daniel Radcliffe told Buzzfeed that he’d be interested in starring in another franchise. When asked which one, he said “Batman,” before realizing that the franchise is being rebooted again.

“Batman,” he said during the BuzzFeed rapid-fire interview. “If they reboot that again, I’ll do that, too. It’s happening isn’t it? With Ben Affleck. I could be Robin. I’m perfect.”

Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” has already begun filming in Detroit, but there will be plenty of future “Batman” movies that he could possibly appear in.

“Batman vs. Superman” hits theaters on May 6, 2016. The film actually stars Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne and Jesse Eisenberg, among others.

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  1. Ian Evans says:

    Daniel Radcliffe I think is too old to play Robin now.

    However, as Nightwing I feel he would be ideal.

  2. In a weird way if you have Nightwing Radcliffe would be a perfect Jason, Robin, meaning he goes good and then turns into the evil Red Hood which would work for that standalone Batman film in 2019. So it would work. He’s likeable but then can play an evil version later.

  3. barbara says:

    It would be great to see him with batman

  4. Impressive. Most impressive. I am sure he will do well as a take on one of Bruce Wayne/Batman’s Robins. In fact, I am also sure he would do well as the voice of Ra’s al-Ghul in a “newly done” animated “Batman TV Program”. If you are reading this comment, Mr. Radcliffe, then remember this: – If you are chosen, you will do will! All you have to do is these two things: – First, you just have to believe in yourself. Second, you generate a voice unlike the previous characters you played and… Third: – If you devote yourself to all the roles you play – if you spend as much time as possible in a role be it on stage, film, TV or simply through doing voices, etc., then and only then – will you do well! And you will do well. I believe you can and I believe you will!

  5. Kathy Norton says:

    Dick Grayson hasn’t been Robin in a good many years. He’s now known as Nightwing and a respected hero and leader among his peers. There have been at least 3 Robins since, possibly more. I no longer keep track. I do agree that Daniel Radcliffe isn’t right for the part though.

  6. GregR says:

    Daniel Radcliffe is too old to play Robin (Dick Grayson). Robin is only a kid. Maybe 12 years old? Radcliffe is way older than that. Just because he’s a short guy doesn’t mean he can pull off being 12 years old. Robin may be small because he’s 12, he does grow into a full sized man.

    • Jp Spitzer says:

      It all depends on when you start to tell the story., is very clear that is not going to be a Batman origin story, old Batman, maybe and adult Dick too.

  7. HYFR says:

    How about we introduce Batman Incorporated and cast him as Knight or Squire or something?

  8. Kory Barker says:

    Not a good idea, every time Robin gets thrown in a Batman movie it fails to be as good as it could be. Now if he did Nightwing that would be cool.

  9. Brett Vigil says:

    ever since i saw radcliffe playing quidditch in the rain in a scene of harry potter he was wearing goggles and i immediately thought, man, you would look cool as robin

  10. fro says:

    harry potter as robin… i can kinda see that lol guess he trying to get out of the hole everyone calling him harry on the streets

  11. Joe says:

    I can’t see him as Robin. He’s a lot older then Robin is shown in the comics. Dick Grayson is around 30 in the comics and I just don’t see him as Nightwing. But I can see him as the second Robin. Which is Jason Todd. Again he’s older then that Robin version. But he could pull off Red Hood. The Red Hood is around 25 and Daniel is 24. So Jason is the perfect fit for Mr. Radcliffe. I now want to see him as the Red Hood. Because if the Red Hood is in the DCCU so is Nightwing and Oracle. I can’t wait to see Batman and his Batfamily on film.

    • Ryan says:

      Dick Grayson is 21 in the comics. As is Jason Todd. Tim Drake is 18. Before the New 52 reboot Dick Grayson and Jason Todd were roughly 25 and Tim Drake was around 16-18. A lot of things have changed around over the past 30 years. Use to there was a year or two difference between Dick Grayson and Jason Todd but once Todd was brought back it became known they were the same age. Grayson has never been older than 25 that I know of because they never wanted to age Batman too much past 30-32.

  12. ukiyaseed555 says:

    He will make an interesting an interesting Robin. But which Robin? Will he be Dick Grayson, the former Robin who is now a man on his own as Nightwing? Will he be Jason Todd, the former Robin who died because of the Joker and now is back to life and wants vengeance as the Red Hood? Or Tim Drake, the former Robin now known as Red Robin who is a loyal soldier to Batman but hides his dual identity to his parents?

  13. Jane says:

    Sounds as ridiculous as Affleck as Batman.

    • jeremys the worst says:

      Once you’ve accept the fact that Ben Afflect is the bats daniel radcliff as robin doesnt sound too bad, if look you at it that way. But I agree it is horrible, but blame hollywood.

  14. Eraezr says:

    Not sure if he’s fit/tall enough for the role.

  15. jeremys the worst says:

    If he does get to play a robin he should play tim drake and two taller actors should play dick grayson and jason todd, and if Ben is a older batman, Daniel should play a newer version of the boy wonder.

  16. bsbarnes says:

    I love Daniel Radcliffe’s attitude! “Ben Affleck, right? That I can do!” I’m looking forward to Radcliffe in “What If”: I would have never pegged him for a romantic comedy but the trailer convinced me, otherwise!

  17. Ant says:

    He looks a little crazy…he would make a good Jason/Red Hood…Maybe even Tim Drake

  18. SteveB says:

    Might as well. With the Affeck-tion it can’t get much worse. Might as well get Gilbert Godfrey for the Riddle, Jim Norton for the Joker and Amy Shuster as Catwoman…wait that could work. Sherrod Small as Martian Whiteman Hunter. Actually that could possibly save the movie.

  19. al butler says:

    The comics is where Robin belongs….never in a Batman movie.

  20. Tiffany Days says:

    I would love to see Daniel play Robin but I hate Ben Affleck as Batman, if Daniel is chosen he would have to but on some muscle to pull it off, he could either the Jason Todd Robin, or the Tim Drake Robin. Dick Grayson is out of the question “Why? Daniel is a little too short you notice the Nightwing is taller than Tim and Jason.

  21. jcjax says:

    10 points for Gryffindor

  22. mkn567 says:

    I’m all for Radcliffe being Robin if it’s variant storyline where the Joker beats him to death with a crowbar. I will pay 12:50 to see Harry Potter murdered.

  23. Armory says:

    Really? I don’t know about you as Robin, Daniel. I am not happy about Ben Affleck as Batman. The actors that I will ALWAYS remember were Adam West and Burt Ward. THEY were Batman and Robin.
    And that was just the classic, campy 1966-68 TV show!

  24. Paul E. Jamison says:

    He’d make a better Robin than Chris O’Donnell did.

    Still, he is a bit old for Robin. Nightwing, perhaps. But I agree with folks who say Batman doesn’t need Robin.

    And I’ll reserve judgment on Ben Affleck as the Bat until the movie comes out.

  25. dragon says:

    At this point they’ve totally screwed up the casting for this movie so why not.

  26. Sean says:

    “Bollocks!!! The Jokah’s got us in quite the sticky wicket, ‘asnt he Batman? I’m quite bloody upset. God save the Queen!” I’ll pass on a British Robin.

    • glevumknight says:

      Do you seriously think all British people are Cockneys? *rolls eyes*… You have a British Superman (Henry Cavill), and had a British Batman (Christian Bale). I see no difference.

  27. I’d go see that! Maybe Rupert Grint can get a part as Jimmy Olsen.

  28. hectoruno says:

    He would be perfect for Jason Todd. Nightwing is already in the Dawn of Justice movie. Damion Wayne is a ten year old. Radcliffe shows up, gets killed and some one else comes in as Tim Drake.

  29. jabbadonut says:

    I think Radcliffe would be a terrific Robin. Go get ’em, Daniel.

  30. Sean says:

    NO BRITISH ROBIN! Ben Affleck’s stink is already all over this film.

  31. faux says:

    There’s something creepy and pedophilic about a 30-40 year old man having a teen-aged “ward” living with him, all the while putting that boy’s life in danger. Batman in the 21st century does not need a Robin.

  32. Droppo says:

    Well, he better get busy getting into some serious shape if he wants to be in a superhero flick.

  33. wow.
    how bad are they gonna ruin batman. i thought they would use matt damon for robin . lol

  34. PETER says:

    Radcliffe has the acting ability but would have to get a personal trainer and nutritionist, Harry Potter could well afford it, to get the gymnast, Robin action body. Chris O’Donnel was cute enough but lacked the ripped, muscular physique.

  35. JoelR says:

    How …no Robin EVER!! The character has never worked (one reason there are so many iterations). Batman is at his best solo. I hope any future Robin acknowledgement is merely mentioned in passing…but never seen or an active participant. His presence always spells the end of a franchise, I have to hope that they just…don’t…do…it.

  36. calatkinson says:

    I think he could do a good Tim Drake/Red Robin.
    With Affleck’s Batman’s age taken into account.
    The original Robin, Dick Grayson would now be Nightwing.
    The 2nd Robin, Jason Todd, would have died and come back as The Red Hood.
    And I think Radcliffe’s too old for current Robin, Damian Wayne.

    • Robert F says:

      He’s too old for any Robin.

      • Not really. No live action Robin is going to be played by a 10-12 year old. It doesn’t translate well. Closest thing would be Hit Girl from Kick-Ass and that worked in part because it’s so ridiculous. If they cast a robin it’s going to be someone in late teens or early 20s.

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