TOULOUSE, France — Copenhagen Bombay, the Scandi outfit that delivered “Beyond Beyond’ and “The Great Bear,” is moving ahead with Jacob Ley’s feature debut, “Get Santa!,” pitched last year at Annecy film fest.

Now fully-financed and ready to roll into production, “Get Santa!” tells the tale of a little boy, Julius, who lives in an orphanage. He is transported to a magical universe where he needs to pretend to be a missing Santa to help save the Christmas spirit.

“I want to make a Christmas film that will enable us to rediscover the joys of the old tradition, a film that illustrates that there is value in maintaining your childhood beliefs. Because then you will be able create spiritual value for others, which in turn benefits yourself,” said Ley.

Ley previously directed several  Copenhagen Bombay productions, including pre-school series “Little Tot,” the mini-series “Bogus & Humbug” and short film “The Secret Of The Ice Flower” which will play at London’s BFI and Seattle Children’s Film Festival.

“With ‘The Secret Of the Ice Flower, ‘ Jacob Ley showed us that by combining traditional cut-out with several different techniques in a custom made pipeline, he could achieve a very unique look, close to stop‐motion but economical to produce and with its own mystery build into the pictures,” said Malene Iversen, head of sales at Copenhagen Bombay. “For ‘Get Santa!’ Jacob has fine-tuned the pipeline, teamed up with some of the core team functions from ‘Beyond Beyond,’ and created the special look with a Nordic note, and a hint of Henry Selick’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.'”

“Get Santa!” will premiere in december 2016.