As part of its premiere of Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska,” Paramount Pictures-owned television network Epix is scheduled to show the film on Sunday not only in its theatrical black-and-white format, but also in its currently undistributed color form.

A video on the Epix website teases the color premiere of the Oscar-nominated movie.

Payne had previously said that a color version had been made for specific television outlets in countries such as Moldova and Sierra Leone in which television deals had “only color” stipulations, though he had hoped that no one would ever see it.

“To give them credit, the executives I was dealing with claimed, and I believe them, they really did want me to make the film in black and white, but the front office had major doubts because of money left on the table — that a black-and-white film seems ghettoized into being artsy-fartsy for the theatergoing viewers,” Payne said.

“Nebraska” grossed more than $17 million in its domestic theatrical run, compared to its low budget of $12 million. Though Epix has additional future showings of “Nebraska” scheduled on its website, it is unannounced whether these will be color or black-and-white airings, or if viewers will be notified of the change during the screenings themselves.