Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is expected to rake in record dollars at the box office this weekend, but star Chris Evans still needs your help. He’s looking for a better title for his directorial debut, tentatively called “1:30 Train,” a placeholder name that he doesn’t like.

Evans describes the film as a cousin to Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunset”– it tells the story of a young woman (Alice Eve) who misses her train home and spends the night talking to a stranger (Evans) at Grand Central Terminal. He recently finished editing the movie-not-called “1:30 Train,” and expects that it will enter the festival circuit next year.

“I got to think of a new title,” Evans told Variety last month, during an interview at his house in the Hollywood Hills. “Any ideas?” Here are some deal-breakers: he absolutely doesn’t want the new name to include the words night, city or strangers. “I just read this one script that I loved called ‘The Amazing Adventures of the Monogamous Duck,’ the best title ever.”

Evans speaks from experience when it comes to the tricky practice of naming a movie, and how a bad title can poison box office. He opposed calling his 2011 medical drama “Puncture.”

“‘Puncture’ was initially called ‘Safety Point,’ and they wanted to change the title,” Evans says. “They had a list of them and one was ‘Puncture.’ I was like do not name it fucking ‘Puncture!’ That’s like calling ‘Cellular,’ ‘Cellular,'” he says of his 2004 cell-phone thriller with Kim Basinger. “I like titles that aren’t necessarily on the nose. One of the titles for ‘Puncture’ was ‘Noble Rot.’ It’s a great fucking title.”

What should Evans call “1:30 Train”? Leave your suggestions below, and we’ll pass them along.