Motion Picture Association of America chief Christopher Dodd has invited the nation’s film commissioners to attend a Sept. 29 summit in Washington, D.C., to discuss production incentives.

“We will discuss how to better partner to garner additional legislative and other political support for your jurisdiction’s production incentive program,” the MPAA invitation said. “Hear from film commissioners how (the) MPAA can help with your production incentive program. Learn about MPAA’s exciting new marketing and social media campaigns/initiatives.”

Kate Bedingfield, a spokeswoman for the MPAA, said the meeting was scheduled several weeks ago prior to the California Legislature’s Aug. 29  approval of an enhanced incentive program covering $1.65 billion over five years. By contrast, North Carolina lawmakers decided in mid-August to cut  the state’s longstanding incentive program from $60 million this year to $10 million next year.

She also noted that the event has been scheduled to coincide with the Oct. 3-5 Cineposium in New York of the Association of Film Commissioners International.

Amy Lemisch, executive director of the California Film Commission, told Variety that she has no plans to attend either meeting. The commission administers the state program, currently funded at $100 million annually.