A pair of prominent Chinese investors have come on board animated project “Animal Crackers” from Scott Christian Sava’s Blue Dream Studios.

The partnership with Beijing Wen Hua Dongrun Investment Co. and China Film Co. comes at the start of the American Film Market, where Odin’s Eye Entertainment will be handling international sales.

The film is about a family whose life is turned upside down when they inherit a rundown circus and a mysterious box of Animal Crackers, which magically change the person who eats them into animals. Sava is co-directing with Tony Bancroft (“Mulan”) from a script he co-wrote with Dean Lorey.

Besides Sava, “Animal Crackers” producers are George Lee and Marcus Englefield from Storyoscopic Films, James Thomason and Leiming Guan. Financing the movie are exec producers Mu Yedong on behalf of Wen Hua Dongrun Investment Co.; La Peikang, board chairman of China Film Co.; and Sam Chi for Landmark Asia.