The Writers Guild of America East has selected Vice President Jeremy Pikser as the recipient of its Richard B. Jablow Award for service to the guild.

He will receive the honor at the 67th annual Writers Guild Awards at the Edison Ballroom in New York City on Feb. 14.

Pikser, a member since 1988, co-wrote the screenplays for political satires “Bulworth” and “War, Inc.” He received an Oscar nomination for “Bulworth” along with Warren Beatty.

Pikser was elected to the WGA East Council in 2006 and has served as vice president since 2011. He has also taught a graduate screenwriting workshop at NYU since 1999, and has been an advisor at the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab since 2005 and at the Laboratorio de Guionistas in Mexico since 2008.

“Jeremy Pikser’s meritorious service to the Writers Guild East makes him a noteworthy and deserving recipient of the Guild East’s Jablow Award,” said WGA East President Michael Winship. “For not only is Jeremy an accomplished screenwriter – and a colleague and friend – he also has dedicated himself to his union and writers everywhere as our vice president and as a member of many Guild committees. To all of this, he has brought tremendous dedication and conviction.”

The Jablow award was established in 1978 in honor of Richard B. Jablow, who helped found the WGA East, authored its constitution and served as its first counsel.