Raunchy frat comedy “Neighbors” graduated to the $100 million club on Friday.

The film has grossed an estimated $104.1 million domestically and another $60 million internationally. That represents a healthy return on investment for Universal Pictures, given that the Seth Rogen and Zac Efron film was produced for a mere $18 million.

With a worldwide haul of $164.1 million, “Neighbors” is now Rogen’s fourth-highest grossing live-action vehicle after “Superbad,” “The Green Hornet” and “Knocked Up” and the third biggest hit of Efron’s career, following “High School Musical 3” and “Hairspray.”

It is the third Universal release to cross the $100 million barrier this year, along with “Lone Survivor” and “Ride Along.”

Comedies don’t tend to play as well abroad as they do domestically, but “Neighbors” has done respectable business overseas and will still pad its gross when it opens in such territories as Russia, Peru, Czech Republic and Slovakia later this month.