Without explanation, the Box Office Mojo site has returned following an absence of slightly more than a day.

The site vanished on Friday afternoon with the site redirecting users to parent Amazon.com’s IMDb. It returned early Saturday evening but without any explanation on IMDB, Box Office Mojo or on Box Office Mojo’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

When Box Office Mojo returned, Thursday’s results were the most recent data on the site.

The Box Office Mojo site was acquired by Amazon in late 2008. Reps for  Amazon were not immediately available for comment.

The free Box Office Mojo site has been widely used by the movie industry for up-to-date box office results along with historical data and release dates of upcoming titles. It was founded in 1999 by Brandon Gray and was acquired by Amazon in 2008, when it was operated in a Los Angeles office by Gray and Sean Saulsbury.

As its name implies, Box Office Mojo specializes in detailed coverage of box office numbers. IMDb provides cursory coverage of box office data, leaving out such information as the specific distributor, the number of theaters and international grosses.